Summer collection 2020 - Delicate tracks in the sand

Wildling summer brings new fabrics and bold colours, leaving behind its very own tracks. Our design team has developed a delicate, summery print pattern that you’ll find throughout the collection. 

As we pursue our goal of using products that are as sustainable as possible while developing robust minimal shoes with functionality to match the season, the search for the right fabrics is always a particular challenge. Linen and hemp fabrics are a firmly established part of this collection; flax and hemp have a long tradition and are real classics of the textile world.

Together with a trusted supplier we've developed a fabric with as high a proportion of recycled cotton as possible (51%). As the fibres in recycled cotton are relatively short, we’ve combined it with 34% cotton (from certified organic sources) and polyester in order to have the necessary tensile strength and required degree of abrasion protection. The CraneChick and Kingfisher models have this fabric for their uppers.

A quick overview: Five models are available in Wildling and Rewild sizes, two additional models are only available in Wildling sizes (23-35), and another three only in Rewild sizes (36-48). For new walkers, sizes 18-22, there are two new Cub models.

Rewild and Wildling models


Wildling and Rewild midcuts (sizes 23-48): Crane, Dandelion und Beaver

As diverse as our preferences: The midcuts have three different upper fabrics. On the Dandelion you’ll find the Wildling summer print on sand-coloured cotton (from certified organic sources); the Beaver charms in relaxed dark-blue linen, while the Crane shimmers elegantly in grey-white. Its upper is made of a cotton mix with polyester content. This fabric includes about 50% recycled fibres. And the inside is also something special: The Crane is the only model in this collection to have an integrated water-resistant membrane with a dust flap. 


Wildling and Rewild lowcuts (sizes 23-48): Pola and Jay

It’s not immediately obvious, but the two lowcuts have something in common: the summer fabric, linen. The Jay’s sand-coloured upper is made of a linen-hemp mix (60/40) from certified organic sources. The cherry on the cake is the light-blue sole that will have you dancing on air. Alongside it shines the bright yellow Pola, its comfortable cotton-linen mix allowing our feet plenty of air during the warmer season. 



Cubs (sizes 18-22): Daisy and Chick

The minimal shoe families Dandelion and Crane are joined by the little Daisy and Chick in Cub sizes 18-22. 


 The Dandelion familiy with Daisy

The Crane family with Chick

Wildling Only


Wildling (sizes 23-35): Kingfisher and Rose Chafer

With its neon-yellow laces, the sky-blue Kingfisher radiates feel-good vibes. The Rose Chafer made of dry oilskin (waxed cotton) is really special. The fabric is robust and sturdy thanks to the wax, but also soft and supple. 

Rewild Only


Rewild (sizes 36-48): Tanuki Niji, Tanuki Mori and Bluebird

With the Bluebird you’ll have an unbelievably supple feel-good model on your feet. The upper is made of a 100% linen canvas. The only models that are lighter and airier are the Tanukis: the forest-green Tanuki Mori and the natural white Tanuki Niji. The two new models are made of stretch washi and show us what summer has in store: living lightly, feeling the air and enjoying our freedom. The embroidered flag on the Tanuki Niji is a sign to everyone that that freedom remains unconditional. 

Tanuki Niji and Tanuki Mori

For detailed product descriptions, size recommendations, care tips and all further information, see the product pages in the shop or behind the links here in the text. 


Run wild!


Anna, Ran & the Wildlings




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