Additional deliveries of the new winter collection during the season. Information and help on how to care for Wildling Shoes during winter can be found here.


Handmade in Germany: Kuschelige Stulpen von "Sommer & Kinder"

We’re over the moon to see that the gorgeous leg warmers from Miriam and her label Sommer & Kinder are moving back into the online shop and we asked Miriam a couple of questions about herself, her work, and her products.

Das Ungewisse einplanen - 2020 und seine Herausforderungen

Today, Wildling founder Anna Yona explains why the beginning of the year was so challenging for Wildling, what decisions had to be made, and what these decisions mean for the production of our shoes, and particularly for the current Autumn/Winter collection.

Slow Fashion or Why It Can Be Tricky To Have A Full Stock

Planning a shoe collection is a challenge: How many pairs of shoes are enough? Why we don’t always carry all the Wildlings in the shop.

Wie vegan ist eigentlich "vegan"?
As part of Wildling’s mission as a sustainable company, a dedicated CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility) team has been at work in the fox’s den since 2019. When the idea of achieving vegan certification for Wildlings was first considered, the curious minds from the CSR team started out by asking all kinds of gateway questions that in turn opened up a veritable Pandora’s box of challenges – and not just for Wildling.
Die Winterkollektion 2020
Tools made from hard-wearing metals, wood shavings that fall to the ground, raw material that takes on completely new forms, and an eye for detail: As our product team was busy compiling ideas for the new collection, a variety of traditional skilled crafts and trades were whirling around the workshop to provide inspiration.
Ein Sommer voller Möglichkeiten

There is still some summer left to enjoy, the gold-shiny days of late summer are waiting for us to fill them with adventures. Today we have the pleasure of accompanying some of our Wildling friends during their perfect summer day.

Ein Rückblick auf fünf Jahre Wildling

Anna and Ran founded Wildling Shoes five years ago. Today we’ll find out which moments were especially meaningful to them and what their dreams are for the next five years of this wild life.

Siebenkilopaket: Mut zur Sichtbarkeit

Hallo! Ich bin Daniela, 39 Jahre alt und blogge unter siebenkilopaket über den Alltag meiner Regenbogenfamilie. Wir, das sind meine bezaubernde Frau, unsere zwei wundervollen Jungs, unsere Boxerhündin Emmy und ich, die gemeinsam für das bunte, laute und glückliche Chaos sorgen, das wir Leben nennen.

Die Zukunft analysieren

How the Wildling supply chain team plans (or predicts) production quantities

Ohne Worte - Teil 2

This is the second part of our interview without words with Wildling founders Anna and Ran.

Ohne Worte - Teil 1

Five years ago, Anna (pictured here on the left, snarling) and Ran founded Wildling Shoes. Which makes right now a really great opportunity to let them share their thoughts.

Magie und Naturschutz - Wildlings Steinbruch
There’s an almost magical place that has served as the setting for Wildling’s campaign shoots on more than one occasion. We're going on a brief virtual journey to this old quarry today to find out why it’s so intimately connected to Wildling and what makes it so remarkable.


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