Want to be part of the change?

To forge new paths, we start at our feet. Step by step, we leave a positive impact and advance our goals together as Re:generation.

  • Openness and solidarity.

    Openness and solidarity.

    We approach each other empathetically, celebrate individuality, and share our knowledge. We empower each other and embrace radical collaboration.

  • Curiosity and change.

    Curiosity and change.

    We seek out new paths because we acknowledge our responsibility and we understand that change is necessary. As a result, we are constantly evolving.

  • Courage and determination.

    Courage and determination.

    We set audacious goals and have a concrete plan for achieving them. Being actively engaged is part of our culture. 

How we shape the way we work at Wildling Shoes

We live an appreciative corporate culture in which the individual strengths of employees are valued and promoted. We learn from each other's mistakes, are united by a common vision of a new form of economy – and we do this while mostly working remotely and organizing our working hours individually. Because work should be integrated into life, instead of determining it. This is how we have approached the much-discussed topic of "New Work" from the very beginning.

  • Appreciative teamwork

    Appreciative teamwork

    Our goal is to enable employees to contribute with their individual strengths and abilities. Appreciative teamwork, joy and fun with each other, as well as strength-based work, which we provide a range of training tools and methods for, is important to us.

  • Flexible working hours

    Flexible working hours

    By offering flexible working hours, for instance, we create the best possible conditions to enable our employees to successfully balance work and family life. After all, our attention to top quality and durability is not limited to the products we offer.

  • Working from home

    Working from home

    Most of the work at Wildling Shoes takes place "remotely". We offer frameworks and assistance for daily work from home with the help of the online tools we provide. In addition, each team can meet for coworking. Premises are available for this purpose in Cologne, Berlin, and Engelskirchen.

Diversity & Belonging

Wildling Shoes wants to be a space where everyone not only feels welcome, but above all feels like they belong and their strengths are seen. And this is regardless of age, gender identity, ethnicity, disabilities, sexual orientation, and other factors based on which our society structurally discriminates against people. We welcome all applications that contribute to strengthening diversity at Wildling Shoes. In addition, we are committed to flexible and family-friendly working hours. If you have any further questions about our efforts regarding inclusion, diversity, and belonging or if you encounter obstacles in the application process, please feel free to contact

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Our recruiting process

Here is an overview of steps you can expect during the recruitment process. Each role and each process are considered individually, which is why these steps may vary.

In an initial conversation with our recruiting team, you will gain insights into our work culture, and we will get to know you better.

You will prepare a case study in advance for this meeting, which reflects the challenges of the role. In a conversation with your potential new lead and a team member, you present your ideas and methods. Afterwards, all participants will discuss the case study. Here you will also learn how you can apply and grow your skills and expertise with us.

Teamwork and relationships are a key success factor at Wildling Shoes. Over a virtual cup of coffee or tea, you can chat with your potential team members and learn more about working at Wildling Shoes and in this team. Of course, there is room for any open questions you may still have.

The good news is out: We would like to welcome you on board!! Last questions will be answered, and you will receive all important information for your first steps at Wildling Shoes.

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Any questions?

If you have any questions about open roles or the recruiting process, feel free to contact our recruiting team!