Tanuki paper shoe

Japanese tradition crafted into a shoe

A foxy mischief: Stepping into a Tanuki brings a world of magic into our feet - it manages to bring together Japanese tradition and knowledge, meticulously crafted by hand in Portugal, creating one the most breathable and lightweight shoes worldwide.


Tanuki たぬき

A shoe made of paper? Intuitively there must be a contradiction; A shoe needs a sturdy material and on the other hand paper is, well, paper. This discrepancy may need a miracle-worker to be resolved.

Mr. Itoi – 糸井氏

This miracle-worker is the wonderful Mr. Itoi. Mr. Itoi is a textile mage, fascinated by the wonders of washi paper. By inventing a patented double-layer construction, Mr. Itoi was able to develop a durable paper weave that met Wildling’s needs. And voilà! A new magical fabric was born.

Kitsune キツネ

The Tanuki (Japanese raccoon-dog) and Kitsune (fox) share a long history together and both play an important role in Japanese folklore. Thanks to Mr. Itoi’s ingenuity and Portuguese craftsmanship we were able to combine this legendary duo in the Wildling world, creating a shoe that redefines what minimal footwear can be. Putting a little bit of magic in each step we take.

  • Patented paper weave

    Patented paper weave

    The first minimal shoe with an upper made entirely from an innovative Japanese washi paper weave.

  • Handmade in Portugal

    Handmade in Portugal

    In a pastoral area near Porto, each pair is crafted by hand, making each shoe a form of artwork.

  • Paper light

    Paper light

    The mythical Tanuki shifts its form to become one of the lightest and most breathable shoes within the Wildling family.

The magic continues

The long lasting relationship between Kitsune and Tanuki is continuing to evolve and develop - from Japan to Portugal, to Germany and to many happy feet around the world, next they'll be heading to Ecuador.

Shown in the picture: Junji - Supply Chain Coordinator Ecuador.


A Shoe made of paper?

Meeting Mr.Itoi for the first time was a special moment filled with marvel. His graceful demeanor and curious eyes immediately made it clear - we are in the presence of a mage.

Still, at that moment we didn't quite know if it was possible to make Wildlings from washi paper, but Mr. Itoi had a twinkle in his eye.

Thanks to Mr.Itoi’s ingenuity and Portuguese craftsmanship, we were able to bring Tanuki into the world, creating together a shoe that redefines what minimal footwear can be.

Shown in the picture: Daizo - Director Itoitex


The magical
paper tale

Images: Wildling - Sarah Pabst, Sandra Chiolo
Graphics: FUK–Form und Konzept
Video: Nick Vass