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Flying Fox

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The ripe fruit hangs heavy in the evening light. All day long, its bewitching scent has been attracting the inhabitants of the forest. Flies, caterpillars and birds feast on its rich sweetness. A satisfied humming fills the air. The beat of powerful wings silences the goings-on in excited anticipation. A flash of black tears the fruit from the tree. Richly laden, the flying fox makes its way homewards; its family gathers round proudly after this first foray.

This flexible minimal shoe is an all-rounder – perfect for both wild adventures and special occasions. The hemp and flax insole is covered with organic cotton and regulates temperature and humidity, making the Flying Fox ideal for the last warm days of summer as well as the cooler months of the year.

A breathable membrane and microfibre padding give protection and comfort. We recommend kneading the padding to soften it before the first wearing.
With an additional insole and a pair of warm socks, the Flying Fox will keep your feet warm, even on colder days.

Add your own personal touch by swapping the dolphin-blue elastic laces of your Flying Fox for different elastic or cotton laces, available separately.

Please note:
Each individual shoe is a unique, handcrafted item made of a natural material.
You may therefore find slight irregularities in texture and color.

Double-knit twill (100% organic cotton from certified organic sources)

Lining / Insole:
50% cotton, 50% cotton from certified organic sources

100% polyester

Microfibre (97% polyamide, 3% polyurethane)

Synthetic rubber with approx. 50 % recycled content, cork;
2.5 mm - black

Additional information:
Contains no products of animal origin, unlined (year-round model)

We recommend that before wearing the shoes for the first time you treat them thoroughly with our environmentally friendly waterproofing spray and that you repeat the treatment regularly.

Dirty shoes are best brushed carefully when dry or cleaned with a damp cloth. Not suitable for machine washing.

If your little Wildling likes to drive ride-on toys, we recommend additional protection against scuffing.

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