Additional deliveries of the new winter collection during the season. Information and help on how to care for Wildling Shoes during winter can be found here.

Ainel, IT Ainel IT
Aline, Customer Service Aline Customer Service
Anna, Internationalization Anna Internationalization
Anna, Customer Service Anna Customer Service
Anna, Founder & Company Lead Anna Founder & Company Lead
Anna-Maria, CSR Anna-Maria CSR
Annika, Internationalization Annika Internationalization
Barbara, Assistance & Support Barbara Assistance & Support
Benjamin, Showroom Benjamin Showroom
Carina, Finance Carina Finance
Carina, Logistics Carina Logistics
Caro, People & Culture Caro People & Culture
Carolina, Customer Service Carolina Customer Service
Chanti, Marketing Chanti Marketing
Charleen, Marketing Charleen Marketing
Christina, Marketing Christina Marketing
Clara, Supply Chain Clara Supply Chain
Claudi, Marketing Claudi Marketing
Claudia, Logistics Claudia Logistics
Dietmar, Logistics Dietmar Logistics
Franzi, Marketing Franzi Marketing
Gerhard, Logistics Gerhard Logistics
Hannah, Customer Service Hannah Customer Service
Indra, Product Indra Product
Isy, People & Culture Isy People & Culture
Izabella, Customer Service Izabella Customer Service
Jacqueline, Logistics Jacqueline Logistics
Janina, Internationalization Janina Internationalization
Jens, Assistance & Support Jens Assistance & Support
Jens, Customer Service Jens Customer Service
Jessi, Customer Service Jessi Customer Service
Jessica, Customer Service Jessica Customer Service
Joana, Customer Service Joana Customer Service
Johanna, CSR Johanna CSR
Jonas, Marketing Jonas Marketing
Judith, Customer Service Judith Customer Service
Jule, Customer Service Jule Customer Service
Julia, Logistics Julia Logistics
Julia, Customer Service Julia Customer Service
Karen, Customer Service Karen Customer Service
Karolina, Customer Service Karolina Customer Service
Katharina, Finance Katharina Finance
Katharina, Marketing Katharina Marketing
Katharina, Showroom Katharina Showroom
Kathrin, Customer Service Kathrin Customer Service
Kathrin, Logistics Kathrin Logistics
Katina, Product Katina Product
Katja, Showroom Katja Showroom
Kerstin, Marketing Kerstin Marketing
Kirsten, Logistics Kirsten Logistics
Kristin, Product Kristin Product
Lisa, Customer Service Lisa Customer Service
Lisa, IT Lisa IT
Luca, Marketing Luca Marketing
Maaike, Internationalization Maaike Internationalization
Manuela, Customer Service Manuela Customer Service
Markus, Finance Markus Finance
Melanie, People & Culture Melanie People & Culture
Mirella, Logistics Mirella Logistics
Miriam, Marketing Miriam Marketing
Mirjam, Customer Service Mirjam Customer Service
Natalie, Internationalization Natalie Internationalization
Natalie, Marketing Natalie Marketing
Natascha, Logistics Natascha Logistics
Nazike, Logistics Nazike Logistics
Nicole, Marketing Nicole Marketing
Nina, Marketing Nina Marketing
Olga, Showroom Olga Showroom
Peter, Supply Chain Peter Supply Chain
Philipp, Logistics Philipp Logistics
Pia, Product Pia Product
Priska, Logistics Priska Logistics
Rachel, People & Culture Rachel People & Culture
Ralf, Logistics Ralf Logistics
Ran, Founder Ran Founder
Rita, Logistics Rita Logistics
Roman, Marketing Roman Marketing
Sabina, People & Culture Sabina People & Culture
Sabine, Finance Sabine Finance
Sabine, Product Sabine Product
Sabrina, Logistics Sabrina Logistics
Sarah, Marketing Sarah Marketing
Sarah, People & Culture Sarah People & Culture
Sarah, People & Culture Sarah People & Culture
Sarah-Marie, Customer Service Sarah-Marie Customer Service
Sascha, Logistics Sascha Logistics
Scarlett, Customer Service Scarlett Customer Service
Sebastian, Company Lead Sebastian Company Lead
Sherin, Supply Chain Sherin Supply Chain
Silke, Marketing Silke Marketing
Sophie, Customer Service Sophie Customer Service
Sophie, Showroom Sophie Showroom
Susi, Internationalization Susi Internationalization
Sylvia, Logistics Sylvia Logistics
Tammy, Marketing Tammy Marketing
Tejaswinee, IT Tejaswinee IT
Tina, Webshop Tina Webshop
Tomas, Logistics Tomas Logistics
Yannic, Marketing Yannic Marketing
Yasemin, Logistics Yasemin Logistics


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