What is a minimal shoe?

At first glance, minimal shoes may seem a little unusual compared to conventional shoes: They are wider, have no heel and are made of particularly soft materials. Simply a minimum of shoe.

Often, this type of shoe is called "barefoot shoe", as it comes closest to the feeling of walking barefoot. You can read about the benefits of walking barefoot in the Wildling Shoes Blogazine – there we frequently cover the topic "foot health".

When barefoot walking is out of the question, minimal shoes are the best alternative. Why is that?

  • Wide toe box

    Wide toe box

  • High flexibility

    High flexibility

  • Innovative gap

    Innovative gap

  • Flat sole

    Flat sole

Wide toe box

The wide toe box of minimal shoes provides enough space for the foot to stay in its natural shape and roll off with the entire foot. Therefore, by wearing minimal shoes, we can avoid numerous common foot problems from the outset and counteract existing problems and pain. Because many conventional shoes are simply too tight, taper in the front and thus do not fit the anatomical shape of our feet.

Particularly light & comfortable

Thanks to the carefully sourced materials, Wildling shoes are supple and feel like a second skin – goodbye to blisters and pressure sores caused by rigid shoes! If you find a Wildling Shoes model that fits your foot, you won't have to worry about blisters or pressure sores. Slip in, start walking and feel good.

They are particularly light and therefore comfortable to wear. Thanks to their low weight, the energy required for walking is also reduced, making every step more light-footed in the literal sense.

Innovative gap in the sole

A special highlight is the signature Wildling Shoes sole with its sole gap. It is the heart of every Wildling minimal shoe, and its flexibility allows unrestricted freedom of movement. This allows for the arch of the foot to bend and stretch to become more stable and stronger. After all, the arches in our feet are already a perfect weight and shock absorbing mechanism, and with proper exercise they do not need support.

Flat sole & flexibility

The particularly thin and flexible sole makes each surface much more noticeable, and our style of walking almost automatically becomes more mindful – including a small foot massage at every step.

In summary:

Instead of restricting them, a minimal shoe allows our feet to maintain their natural strength and mobility – and that can have a positive impact on overall physical well-being. The testimonials from the Wildling Shoes community show: Walking in minimal shoes often provides a whole new joy of movement. And that is the exact goal – to get moving. Curious? Try them, the Wildling Shoes team will be happy to advise you on all questions.


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Wildling Shoes' focus is regeneration – breaking rigid thought patterns and forging new paths: From resource conservation, the sourcing of sustainable materials and fair supply chains to flexible minimal shoes.

Any further questions about minimal shoes?