Wildling x Chiengora®️ by YarnSustain

A partnership between two companies that are taking creative approaches to resource-saving products.

  • Leg warmers

    The minimalist light gray leg warmers with the embroidered Wildling Shoes logo are super soft and cuddly. They can be paired in seasonal transition and in winter as an additional heat insulating layer.

  • Baby sock

    The light gray baby sock is available in two sizes. A soft cuff and the knitted band help to perfectly fit the socks to the small feet.


What is Chiengora® by YarnSustain?

The name is not a coincidence, because the material has similar properties to angora, but contrary to angora it is free of animal suffering. In an interview, the founders Cathrin and Franziska tell us how a waste product becomes a valuable resource and how wool is obtained from dog hair.


Mutual trust

The accessories are the result of a long partnership. The creative approach of the two founders had also convinced us to support YarnSustain with mentoring on all matters relating to the individual phases of the company's founding as well as with a loan. Now we have jointly developed new products that are sustainable, minimalist and functional.