Wildling x Viva con Agua ARTS

Connection creates water

With this collaboration, Wildling and Viva con Agua ARTS are bringing art to the streets: two artists have combined their creative forces and designed a new minimalist shoe together. The result: the colorful Wildling Alma.

Water means life. It transcends boundaries, it is constantly changing and it connects. Inspired by this element, Viva con Agua ARTS builds bridges between water, art, and people. The non-profit organization uses art as a universal language to overcome cultural barriers and create connections. In this way, it supports Viva con Agua projects that promote access to clean drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene.

Wildling's meeting with the managing director of Viva con Agua ARTS, Agnes Fritz, also resulted in a very special connection. The organization introduced Wildling to the artists Mari Pavanelli and Ju Mu Monster. The two have now transformed a minimalist shoe into a canvas for their empowering messages.


Alma as a limited edition

As a limited edition, Alma is only available - as the saying goes - "while stocks last". This has the following background: At Wildling we focus on a regenerative business practice. That is why we have only produced Alma in limited quantities. In this way, we avoid overproduction and can work in a way that conserves resources.

Alma: A shoe as a canvas

The result of this creative collaboration is the limited edition Wildling model, Alma. The minimalist shoe stands for diversity, creativity and empowerment. And it also does good: with every pair sold, 5 euros go towards the work of Viva con Agua ARTS.

Alma means "soul" in Portuguese. And there is plenty of soul in the co-creation: the artists Mari Pavanelli and Ju Mu Monster are known for their spectacular, colorful, and empowering art.

The two have merged their styles in Alma. The shoe is intended to make not only the streets but also social life more colorful. With Alma, art becomes visible and wearable - the shoe inspires people to explore new creative paths.

  • Ju Mu Monster

    Ju Mu Monster

    For Ju Mu, the connection between people, the spirit world, and nature is an integral part of her artistic work. Inspired by beings from different cultures, shamanism, and spirituality, the Berlin-based artist with Peruvian-Chilean roots creates magical murals, canvases, and masks.

    More about Ju Mu
  • Mari Pavanelli

    Mari Pavanelli

    Motivated by her creative restlessness, the Brazilian is always looking for new forms of artistic expression. She sees her close relationship with nature as an important source of inspiration. It appears again and again in the form of organic shapes and playful, light elements in her works of art.

    More about Mari

Foxes, shoes and organic shapes

Long before a design was lovingly created by hand, the many square meters of fabric were printed, and the limited-edition Alma minimalist shoe sewn and soled, a connection was forged between Viva con Agua ARTS, Ju Mu, Mari and Wildling. The limited special edition Alma is the expression of a wild journey together.

Art meets shoes

Wildling x Viva con Agua ARTS

Connection creates water

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