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Familiar faces: Wildling Refoxed

“Pardon me, but do we know each other? You look so familiar to me ...” At some point or another, virtually everyone finds themselves in a situation where they feel like they know someone, because in some inexplicable way, the person’s face just seems so familiar. Or it’s the other way around and you trigger the feeling in another person, who believes that somewhere, the two of you have met before.

That’s a lot like how we feel about Wildling Refoxed. These models will move into the online shop on Saturday, June 13th – but with the minor difference that some of us actually have seen almost the same models before. Thanks to Wildling Refoxed, the previously available models Hazel, Dragonfly, and Badger are now being reproduced as low cuts for Rewild and Wildling in very modest quantities, and Pheasant is back in the game for a second round, too. But let’s start from the beginning ...

Why are these models becoming available again now?

Every Wildling always begins with a design, which is linked to considerations about the choice of materials and colors. Before a shoe is ultimately put into production, an estimate is made in advance to determine how much of the chosen material will be required. And then things get started. Still, we don’t immediately produce everything at once because that might mean that at the end of the season there are a lot of shoes left over that didn’t sell, and they’d end up taking up space in the warehouse instead.To avoid this, we adjust production in the course of the season to match demand. Of course, that only works for as long as there is still material on hand. Once it is used up, the model is usually sold out.

Dragonfly and Hazel Refoxed

On the other hand, it can happen that as the season progresses, we start to see, “Okay, from here on out, we’ll manage wonderfully with the shoes that are already finished.” The production for that particular model is then stopped, even if there is still enough material in stock to make more shoes.

Of course, simply throwing the fabrics away because we don’t need them anymore right now is completely out of the question for Wildling! What a waste of valuable resources that would be! So instead, we store them, because fabric panels take up far less space than finished shoes, and then we look for ways to use the materials again in future collections.

Or we decide, as we are doing now, to revive some old acquaintances again in a slightly different version.

Of all our past models, why these four?

Of course, Hazel, Dragonfly, Badger, and Pheasant are not the only Wildling models that still have remnants of leftover material lurking in Portugal. The decision to select these four was actually based somewhat on a gut feeling that came about when Wildling founder Anna and Kristin from the CSR team visited one of our production facilities together and looked through the inventory.

The main criterion for the final decision was that the models needed to round out the current collection by incorporating colors that might still be in demand. Besides that, it’s also kind of neat to rekindle that feeling of nostalgia a little and celebrate “the really old foxes” once again, don’t you think?

Despite all the revelry in memories from the past, some small changes have been made to the original models – apart from the rather obvious fact that the mid cuts have changed into low cuts, since that way more people can enjoy shoes made from this material and it works just great for the summer.

We modified the inner lining for a very practical reason: There just isn’t enough of the originally used materials left. So the product team started thinking about alternatives. The laces have been updated slightly as well and have been adapted to the current standard – cotton laces for Rewild models, elastic laces for Wildling models.

Pheasant and Badger - left side "back in the old days", right side Refoxed

Resolve and patience

If you fancy the idea of having a pair of the nostalgic Wildlings in this special “refoxed” edition, you can order it in the online shop starting Saturday, June 13 at 6 pm. Due to the very limited number of items, it pays to be quick. A special program calculates the ongoing material demand in the background and automatically sets the stock to “sold out” if the material is going to be used up by the orders received up to that point.

Then it’s simply a matter of being patient. After all, the production of these models doesn’t begin until all the orders have been passed on to the production facility in Portugal. That means it takes significantly longer than usual for the new pack member to reach its new home, most likely by the middle or end of July. To further heighten the anticipation, we’ll send you an update with photos from the production every now and then by e-mail.

We are curious to find out how this limited edition will be received and are thrilled that we have the chance to give material that is no longer needed a second lease on life. As always, celebration, joy and pictures of you wearing them are more than welcome in the Wildling Facebook Community or on Instagram using the hashtag #thepackwearswild.

Run wild!

Anna, Ran, and the Wildlings


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