Familiar faces: Wildling Refoxed

“Pardon me, but don’t we know each other? You look so familiar to me ...” At some point or another, virtually everyone finds themselves in a situation where they feel like they know someone, because in some inexplicable way, the person’s face just seems so familiar. Or maybe it’s the other way around and you trigger that feeling in another person, who believes that somewhere, the two of you have met before.

That’s a lot like how we feel about Wildling Refoxed. We come across these models every now and then in the online shop - with the subtle difference that some of us have indeed seen them already, either the way they are shown or a slightly different version. Our Wildling Refoxed models are models that were once part of a collection and are now being reissued in very small production quantities for Rewild and Wildling. But let’s start from the beginning ...


Why are these models becoming available again now?

Every Wildling always begins with a design, which is linked to considerations about the choice of materials and colors. Before a shoe is ultimately put into production, an estimate is made in advance to determine how much of the chosen material will be required. And then things get started. Still, we don’t immediately produce everything at once because that might mean that at the end of the season we end up with a bunch of leftover shoes that didn’t sell, and they’d just take up space in the warehouse instead.

To avoid this, we adjust production in the course of the season to match demand. Of course, that only works for as long as there is still material on hand. Once it is used up, the model is usually sold out.

On the other hand, it can happen that as the season progresses, we start to see, “Okay, from here on out, we’ll manage wonderfully with the shoes that are already finished.” Then the production for that particular model is stopped, even if there is still enough material in stock to make more shoes.


Libelle, Haselmaus, Dachs und Fasan Refoxed

From the summer of 2020: Dragonfly, Dormouse, Badger, and Pheasant Refoxed


Of course, simply throwing the fabrics away because we don’t need them anymore right now is completely out of the question for Wildling. What a waste of valuable resources that would be! So instead, we store them – because fabric panels take up far less space than finished shoes – and then we look for ways to use the materials again in future collections.

Or we decide, as we are doing now, to revive some old acquaintances again in a slightly different version.


Of all our past models, why did we choose these?

Of course, the latest Refoxed models aren’t the only ones for which we still have leftover remnants of unused material in Portugal. Sometimes we also check in with our gut feeling when it comes to deciding exactly which models to reproduce.

But the main criterion for the final decision is that the models should serve to round out the current collection by incorporating colors that might still be in demand. Besides that, it’s also kind of neat to rekindle that feeling of nostalgia a bit and let “the older foxes” have their day in the sun again, don’t you think?


Wildling Refoxed im Winter 2020

Wildling Refoxed in Winter 2020


Given the very small production volume, it pays to be quick if you want to get in on the Refoxed launch. Since we’re using – and using up – existing material resources to produce the Refoxed models, they are only available in limited quantities.

We can’t wait to see how the upcoming Refoxed models will be received and are thrilled that we have the chance to give unused materials a new lease on life. As always, we’d love to see pictures of you wearing your Wildlings and sharing your excitement with the Wildling Facebook Community or on Instagram under the hashtag #thepackwearswild.


Run wild!

Anna, Ran and the Wildlings


Cover image: Wildling Shoes/Sarah Pabst


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