Cork Discs "Alentejo"

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A refreshingly wild mix of great-smelling oils from plants from the Alentejo region in Portugal.

Traditionally, cork oaks are the main source of income in the Alentejo region.

However, climate change and non-sustainable forest management have caused lots of the ancient trees to die.

But harvesting native shrubs allows greater diversity, keeping the cork forest healthy and taking the pressure off. It's also a wonderful source of various essential oils.

By purchasing this shoe-fragrance set you’re actively supporting the regeneration of Portuguese cork forests.

The set consists of two cork discs with the Wildling fox logo plus a 5ml bottle containing a fragrance composed of pure essential oils with a naturally anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and odour-neutralising effect.
It comes in a fabric sack sewn from shoe production leftovers and includes instructions for use.

To keep shoes fresh and chase away odours, drizzle 2-3 drops on to each cork disc and leave one in each shoe overnight.
Every few days or when you feel the need, rejuvenate the discs by adding another drop.

Please note:
*contains linalool and geraniol
Not suitable for external or internal application to the body!
Keep out of reach of children.
This article can only be delivered to Germany.


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