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A featherlight minimal shoe made of paper. Sounds unique? It is! Tanuki Umi (Sea), an elegant low shoe in navy, is made of washi from the Japanese company Itoitex, created from 75% paper and 25% polyester, which makes it extremely light. 

Thanks to its innovative processing, the foot only comes into contact with the paper, while the polyester protects the shoe from the outside.

What’s more, Washi is highly breathable and water permeable and has natural antibacterial properties (without any chemicals at all).

The separate insole is removable for faster drying and, like the microfiber heel cushion, adds greater comfort. We recommend kneading the microfiber heel cushion gently prior to first-time wear to make sure it’s supple and pliable.

You can swap the navy flat laces for other laces or for colored elastic laces to add your own personal touch.

Please note: To ensure the best possible comfort, the Tanuki models are now equipped with an insole made of temperature- and moisture-balancing hemp-flax fleece. If you want to wear the water permeable, quick-drying Wildlings outdoors in cool, wet conditions, you’ll find the right washi replacement sole here.

Every single shoe is a handmade one of a kind. The structure and coloration may exhibit minor irregularities.
Extensive wear can create a denim effect of sorts.

stretch washi (75% paper, 25% polyester) – navy

100% certified organically grown cotton

hemp-flax fleece (50% hemp, 50% flax) [removable]

80% synthetic rubber from 50% recycled material, 20% cork; 2.5 mm (36–41), 3.5 mm (42–48) – anthracite

Further information:
does not contain materials of animal origin, water permeable

This minimal shoe is water permeable. Combined with the "Washi" insole, it can also be worn in water and dries in no time. Consequently, waterproofing is not necessary.

If the shoes get soiled, it’s best to brush them clean gently when they’re dry or wash them gently by hand. Not machine washable.

The insole is also washable and should be removed after use for proper drying and airing out. It protects wild paws and the inner sole from wear and tear.

If this minimal shoe walks through salt water with you, we recommend rinsing it well with fresh water afterwards.

True to size as measured with the Fitkit.
Video tutorials explaining how to use the Fitkit and determine the correct fit are available on the Wildling Shoes YouTube channel.


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