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Wonderful wool - the fabric that keeps feet wild and warm

Shoes made of wool... as slippers, yes of course! But for outside? That's a little unexpected to start with. But we like to try out materials that you wouldn't expect in a shoe, such as paper. Or, in this case, pure wool. Some models in the autumn/winter collections are lined with it, others are - apart from the sole and microfibre trim - made completely out of pure wool.

Super talent pure wool:

Wool really does have first-rate characteristics that are ideal for keeping feet wild and warm.

Versatile and suitable for everyday use, it’s been used for textiles for several thousands of years (experts don’t agree on exactly how long).

So what are all the things that wool can do, and why did we decide to make a woollen shoe?

Warm feet and dry shoes:

The most well-known is probably temperature regulation. Wool stores body warmth and keeps wild feet warm.

Wool is water-resistant. On the one hand, due to the structure of the wool fibres, water is stored in the core of the fibres, or “absorbed”. When the weather's dry again, the moisture is slowly released or evaporates. On the other hand, part of the water (for example from the rain) simply rolls off the wool. So if you’re not standing in a puddle or going for a long-distance hike in the rain, your feet will stay dry while wearing Lupas (for more care tips to keep feet dry, click here)

Wool fibres have self-cleaning characteristics. Although some people believe that taking care of wool is complicated, it's actually very simple: When the shoes are dry, brush them or knock the dirt off. That's it. Here, too, the clever structure of the fibres comes into its own. They transport dirt to the outside, where it falls off.

Kelpie - mit Schurwolle gefüttert Kelpie - warm boot (Foto by Sandra und Stefano)

There are hardly any materials as versatile and suitable for everyday use as wool:

If these characteristics are not enough to convince you that wool is a super talent offering the best prerequisites for a minimal winter shoe, here’s a brief overview of some more of its features:

It’s elastic and anti-static, in other words it won't become electro-statically charged. And although of course we’d never recommend jumping through a ring of fire, wool has a very low level of flammability. That's why it's also used as insulation material or in carpets for aeroplanes or trains.

The components of wool ensure that it remains odourless and has an anti-bacterial effect.

Of course the characteristics mentioned above always depend on how the wool has been processed. Either way, our wool models don’t need much maintenance, because we appreciate the natural advantages and wanted to make the most minimal shoe possible!

(Foto by urnaturaen)

Fair Fashion and sustainability:

As well as loving the advantages of wool, we’re glad to play our part in paying shepherds a fair wage and promoting the traditional upkeep of the countryside. Marco Scheel, the owner of Nordwolle (where we purchase the wool for our models) recently wrote to us:

“It’s actually the case that in the last year we were able to process all the shepherds’ wool, while increasing the wool price for the shepherds by another 30%. The Pomeranian sheep population is now increasing once more, and islands such as Greifswalder Oie and Ruden are again being grazed by Pomeranian sheep thanks to conservation organisations such as Jordsand e.V. The Wildlings, among others, have played a role in this!” (Marco Scheel from Nordwolle)

If that's not reason enough to take a pair of wool Wildlings (lined or completely wool) home with you, then we don’t know what is!

Run wild (and warm) - Anna, Ran and Team Wildling

Titelbild by urnaturaen


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