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Wild and new: The summer collection in one click

Wow, we’re so excited! The warehouse is moving to a new location, and the new summer collection is moving in. No need to push and shove, you lovely Wildlings, there’s plenty of space! Come and line up, two by two!

The Fox has his hands full keeping everyone under control. His eyes sparkle, because even though it’s not his first time doing this, it's always a big deal when the new Wildlings arrive!

We’ll introduce them all here in detail. That way you can compare the models before moving to the shop to quickly give your favourites a new home:

Rewild Collection in one click!

All Low Cuts: Dormouse, Pheasant, Tanuki Umi and Tanuki Suna

High Cuts: Weasel, Flora and Tanuki Keshi



The little weasels dash so quickly round the edge of the field that at first you hear nothing more than a rustling in the undergrowth. Their wild dance makes the dry leafy remains of last autumn fly through the air in high arcs. Their smooth brown fur makes the weasels nearly invisible on the ground; every so often you’ll catch a flash of white belly. Suddenly you can't hear or make them out anymore. You’d probably find them cuddled together in their well-hidden nest.

This high quality barefoot shoe gives you the necessary freedom of movement for your upcoming summer adventures, and for even more exciting challenges when exploring.

With a reworked membrane that increases the water-resistant properties many times over thanks to a new dust-flap construction, this hazelnut-brown high-cut shoe accompanies you on new and familiar paths.

The upper is made of pure organic cotton. The fabric’s chequered Panama weave lets air through and gives it a lively denim effect.

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In front of your feet the leaves’ shadows chase each other in an endless game. Your ears are filled with the rustling of the trees. Your eyes feast on the green tones. You smell the coolness of the forest, which seems always to remain immune to the summer heat. You feel the ground under your feet. It's so close, gently welcoming your steps.

This minimal shoe with a zip is a real Wildling classic. It recalls the first Wildling models and yet comes in a completely new look. The leaf pattern was designed exclusively in the fox’s den. With this indigo-blue print on sage-green organic cotton you’ll have real eye-catchers on your feet.

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Nap time is over, and slowly life returns to the river. Cawing loudly, the pheasant announces its arrival. It comes down from its sleeping place and lands in the shallow water by the bank. It looks quickly around, but today there are only a few sparrows here to keep it company. After a good drink it strides through its territory, every so often making itself known with a proud call. In the warm sun its feathers shine in all tones from copper to pink to a rich dark red.

The upper of this light-weight, low-cut shoe in dusky pink is made of pure organic cotton, with a chequered Panama weave that creates a cheerful denim effect and has breathable properties.

The cotton lining also comes from certified organic sources and is printed with an indigo leaf pattern.

Thanks to the paper-thin, dark-red and particularly flexible outsole, you feel secure when walking and can feel the ground under your feet as if barefoot.

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The scent of the early summer evening tickles in its nose, recalling lush meadows, damp earth and an abundance of blooms. For a few days now, the dormouse’s sleep has been restless. Gently it unrolls its little body, stretching its limbs. Slowly its muscles awaken and warm up. Still cautious, it inspects its hideout and picks up the scent. Fat fruits are hanging in the bushes, delicate buds waiting on the tree. The movements of this wild master-climber are so graceful and agile that it’s hard to believe that until a few moments ago it was still hibernating.

This low-cut shoe comes with a very special upper material made of linen and hemp. And with the air flow ensured by the Panama weave it makes the perfect companion for the warmer time of year. On hot summer days, linen has a cooling effect.Hempis temperature-regulating, and together the two materials ensure that moisture is transported quickly to the outside. Once worn in, this minimal shoe becomes even more supple.

The lining is made of 100% cotton from certified organic sources and features a leaf pattern in indigo blue. The integrated insole made of hemp-flax fleece is covered with cotton, also from certified organic sources.

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Tanuki Umi

You're surrounded by deep blue darkness. The ground under your feet is muddy. Your movements are slow and sluggish, as if you were dragging your arms and legs through liquid. If you open your mouth, little air bubbles rise past your eyes. Your lips taste salty. Slowly, you close your eyes and hum a little song. When the sun wakes you again, you blink the dream away and look at your feet, where your toes stretch comfortably in your Tanuki Umis.

A featherweight minimal shoe made of paper. Sounds unique? It certainly is! Tanuki Umi (“sea”), an elegant low-cut shoe in navy blue, is made of Washi from the Japanese company Itoitex. The fabric consists of 75% paper and 25% polyester and is therefore extremely light.

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Tanuki Suna

Tanuki Suna

You open your bag. Your clothes and book have soaked up the warmth and scent of the sun and the sea. Carefully you pick up one item after another, enjoying the vividness of the memory. Your Tanuki Sunas, with the colour and lightness of sand, are the last things to appear. You quickly slip into them, and this time you enjoy the little stones and the sand that await your feet.

This featherweight low-cut shoe made of stretch Washi from the Japanese company Itiotex caresses your feet like a second skin. When you wear this minimal shoe, its innovative paper and polyester construction gives an incomparable feeling of lightness. As the Washi is breathable and water-permeable with anti-bacterial properties (natural, not chemical), Tanuki Suna (“sand”) is the perfect companion for wild summer adventures.

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Tanuki Keshi

Tanuki Keshi

The stones on the path tickle your feet. Your thoughts are elsewhere. A thin branch breaks, snapping into the silence. Now you’re fully present; the light of the low sun conjures up red shadows in front of your feet. Right and left, poppies in full bloom billow in the fields. The sky, the earth, everything glows. Laughing, you look at your feet and let your red Tanuki Keshis lead the way home.

Are you ready for a shoe that’s as light as a feather and as natural as a second skin? The first ankle-high Tanuki Keshi (“poppy”) in proud bordeaux-red is ready and waiting to take you through the wild world.

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CUBS (18-22)

Sparrow & Sprout


The whole bush is rustling and murmuring as if the wind were caught in it. But behind the waving leaves hides a wild group of little sparrows playing boisterously and cheeping at the top of their voices. They jump from branch to branch, and if you watch for a while you’ll notice little brown arrows shooting through the leafy ceiling, chasing each other in a loop and diving back down into the rich green.

The Sparrow is an especially light new-walker shoe, perfect for taking those first steps.

Its upper, made of robust organic cotton in a Panama weave, ensures a good flow of air while creating a cheerful denim effect. The lining with its indigo-blue leaf pattern looks wonderful with the organic cotton.

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It's so small and delicate that you don't immediately recognise its strength as it pokes through the dark earth. But it already contains everything and is complete right from the start. If you look closely you can already get a sense of its later size, strength and resilience. Every movement, every step is both brave and cautious, wild and free. One moment it seems reckless and the next, careful. Accompany this little treasure and you’ll watch every moment in wonder.

The Sprout is a particularly light and supple new-walker shoe with a flexible, paper-thin minimal sole that protects children's small feet during their first expeditions through forest and meadows, over rough and smooth terrain.

The indigo-blue leaf pattern looks wonderful on the sage-green organic cotton, giving the shoe a very special look that is rounded off by petrol-coloured cotton laces.

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The Wildling collection is pretty similar to that of its larger Rewild cousins, but there are two things to note: You won’t find the Suna model here, while the beautiful Dove is only available for small paws!

Low Cuts Wildling Kollektion: Umi, Pheasant, Dove and Dormouse


This morning the wind is still fresh, wildly tousling their feathers. The two doves sit close together, enjoying the warmth and comfort. Tiny blossoms whirl around cheekily in front of their beaks. Now there's nothing more to hold them back. With powerful beats of their wings they work their way up into the air. The wild fluttering awakens the wildlife in the surrounding trees, and the whole area is soon whistling and singing.

This dove-blue minimal shoe sits just below the ankle and accompanies little light-footed explorers on all their journeys in spring and summer. The organic cotton upper with its chequered Panama weave guarantees air flow and creates a cheerful denim effect.

The comfortable lining made of natural white organic cotton has an indigo leaf pattern, while the integrated red insole, made of hemp-flax fleece and covered with cotton, has wonderful climate and temperature regulating characteristics.

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