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How our foot arches provide stability

Microphones, cameras, expensive vases and speakers all have one thing in common – they are usually stood on a tripod. We asked ourselves why this is and what do you know, the answer is literally right under the soles of our feet.

Take a look at an impression of your foot arch and you will see a tripod-like structure with three bony points. These are what support our body weight. The drawing illustrates it beautifully.

fussgewoelbe Our feet show a tripod-like structure

  1. Heel bone (Calcaneus)
  2. Big toe (of the first metatarsal bone)
  3. Small toe (of the fifth metatarsal bone)

The reason we don’t see our footprint as a triangle is the large mass of ligaments and muscles that tend to flatten the curvature of the arch of the foot because of the pressure load.

Seeing the foot with different eyes

Generally speaking, tripods provide the most stable base for a tall physique – and we humans have two of them. This means our feet are able to hold us upright, and when we move about, we only use a small amount of energy.

Strictly speaking, our feet have a total of three arches:

  •  the front arch of the foot (Arcus pedis transversus),
  •  the inner longitudinal arch (Arcus longitudinalis medialis),
  •  and the outer longitudinal arch (Arcus longitudinals lateralis).

They complement each other perfectly and combined with the deltoid ligament and Achilles tendon form an incredibly strong spring. This spring is able to tense up, spring back and absorb shocks perfectly, protecting the joints in a completely natural way. So there’s no need for thick soles for extra cushioning.


The deltoid ligament fits perfect

Move naturally in Wildlings

When we wear Wildling shoes, we gradually strengthen the muscles of our feet, which, in turn, strengthen the arches of our feet. Lots of people have found that it’s better to approach the whole thing slowly. Wearing conventional shoes with a footbed usually means that the arch of the foot only develops to a basic extent. This means that the toes only start to become more flexible when wearing barefoot shoes. We may even experience a little muscle soreness over the first few days. But there’s nothing to worry about as it disappears faster than a badger can scurry into his den.

Once we get used to it, our feet feel free. Suddenly hard pavements, gravel dirt tracks and cobblestones don’t bother us anymore. We find ourselves nimbly skipping through the day. It’s hardly surprising that around two-thirds of the world’ s population wear minimalist footwear or even go barefoot. And with good reason – walking around with a footbed and cushioning weakens the natural arch of the foot. Over time, this can lead to a damaged posture.

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