Die Frühjahrs-/ Sommerkollektion 2021

The 2021 Spring/Summer collection

Slowly but surely, we’re starting to crave those longer, brighter days. The first buds shooting forth, the spring air, and the many, many hours of sunshine. The new collection invites us to experience that very feeling, to explore and enjoy once again that extra special lightness that the warmer months of the year will bring with them.

Less is more: The mid-cut models

Wildling Minimalschuh Eidechse Pegasus Pony

What’s the best way to capture spring air and summer lightness in the form of a Wildling? Lizard, Pegasus, and Pony have the answer for us.

Lizard is one of the most lightweight mid cuts we’ve ever seen in the fox’s den. With its temperature-regulating gray-green upper made from Tencel and linen, this model not only creates a pleasant environment for the foot, it also cradles your feet with every move you make. This airy model is available in Wildling and Rewild sizes (EU 23 to 48/US Kid’s 6.5-US W 14 | US M 13).

Pegasus features a sky blue, 100% recycled cotton upper that is every bit as spring-like, but with a little something extra up its sleeve: It comes equipped with a special membrane construction (bootie) that makes it especially water repellent. The model fits all Wildling and Rewild sizes from EU 23 to 48 (US Kid’s 6.5-US W 14 | US M 13), and the Pony model (with a membrane, without the bootie construction) accommodates even very small feet from sizes EU 18 to 22 (US Kid’s 2.5-US Kid’s 5.5).

Spring colors: The low-cut models

Wildling Minimalschuh Hanami

Both Hanami's pink color and its lightweight linen and cotton upper evoke images of the cherry blossoms that inspired its name. In Wildling and Rewild sizes EU 23 to 48 (US Kid’s 6.5-US W 14 | US M 13), Hanami creates a comfortable environment for your feet during the warmer months of the year.

Wildling Minimalschuh Eden Schmetterling

Made from a temperature- and moisture-regulating Tencel-linen blend, it’s not just its print that makes Eden a truly remarkable shoe. Thanks to its kaleidoscope print of butterflies, mushrooms, orchids, and cabbage leaves, this model exemplifies biodiversity and species conservation. We’ll have updates about Eden on Wildling’s channels as the season progresses – so be sure to be on the lookout.
Eden is available as a Wildling and a Rewild model in sizes EU 23 to 48 (US Kid’s 6.5-US W 14 | US M 13), and as Butterlfy in Cubs sizes from EU 18 to 22 (US Kid’s 2.5-US Kid’s 5.5).

Wildling Minimalschuh Tanuki Sango

Inspired by deep red coral reefs, Sango features Tanuki’s signature airiness. This model is made of stretch washi by the Japanese company Itoitex, which – coupled with its insole made of moisture- and temperature-regulating hemp-flax fleece – creates an especially pleasant environment for your feet. Tanuki Sango is available for Wildling and Rewild in sizes EU 23 to 48 (US Kid’s 6.5-US W 14 | US M 13).

Featherweight: The sandals

Wildling Minimalschuh FS21 Sandalen

If you’re in the mood for a splash of light and airy color on your feet, you’ll find no shortage of it in this Spring/Summer collection. Feather Amaranth comes with a burgundy microfiber upper, while Feather Api is a vibrant honey yellow sure to keep spirits high. Feather Api’s name includes part of the Latin word for “bee” and represents a very special project run by Bienenbotschaft, which Wildling is helping to support. As with Eden, there will be new things to discover around all this over the course of the season. Stay tuned!

Both sandal models feature an upgraded fit and wider straps that ensure a good foothold. What’s more, the long velcro makes it easy to adjust them to fit a wide variety of foot shapes. Feather Amaranth and Feather Api are available in the shop in sizes EU 18 to 48 (US Kid’s 2.5-US W 14 | US M 13) for Cubs, Wildling and Rewild sizes.

At a glance: The Cubs models

Wildling Minimalschuh FS21 Cubs

We are delighted to welcome four new Cubs models to this collection in sizes EU 18 to 22 (US Kid’s 2.5-US Kid’s 5.5). The arrival of the burgundy Feather Amaranth and the honey-yellow Feather Api to the online shop marks the addition of two colorful sandals for the little ones. They are joined by Butterfly, a model that caresses little feet with its lightweight linen and Tencel upper and serves as a counterpart to Eden in Wildling and Rewild sizes. Also joining them is Pony, a relative of Pegasus, which boasts a durable cotton upper.

They’re back: The Summer Basics

Wildling Minimalschuh FS21 Basic Tanuki Niji Yoru Umi

Three familiar faces are making a comeback as Summer Basics – the Tanuki models Yoru, Umi and Niji. What’s new is that all of them are now equipped with a removable insole made from moisture- and temperature-regulating hemp-flax fleece, creating an even better environment for your feet.
If you enjoy wearing these water-permeable models in wet conditions, you’ll find the right replacement sole made of washi in the online shop.
The dark blue Tanuki Umi is available in both Wildling and Rewild sizes (EU 23 to 48/US Kid’s 6.5-US W 14 | US M 13); Tanuki Yoru (black) and Tanuki Niji (white) come as Rewild models in sizes EU 36 to 48 (US W 5 | US M 4 - US W 14 | US M 13).

The three Tanuki models are joined by Feather Jackdaw the black Wildling sandal featuring an enhanced fit. Its wider straps provide a firmer foothold, especially in the toe area – and with its extended velcro closure, it adapts easily to a wide variety of foot shapes. The Feather Jackdaw is available in Rewild sizes EU 36 to 48 (US W 5 | US M 4 - US W 14 | US M 13).

Nebula is yet another Summer Basic that is returning to the online shop. Its knit upper hugs the foot like a sock to provide the ultimate barefoot feeling. Available for Wildling and Rewildin sizes EU 23 to 48 (US Kid’s 6.5-US W 14 | US M 13).

Anatomic: The new sock

Wildling Minimalschuh Admiralfalter Socke

Conventional socks are usually knit in a single piece and taper off to a rounded toe. But that shape doesn’t reflect the natural shape of our feet and can constrict them considerably. Admiral Butterfly is the first anatomically shaped sock to make its way into the Wildling online shop. Because of its unique manufacturing method, it's wider in the front and follows the natural shape of the foot. Feet from sizes EU 24 to 50 (US Kid’s 7 - US W 17 | US M 15.5) can now enjoy extra freedom for their toes.

When will the new collection be available?

Hanami, Lizard, Eden, Butterfly, Pegasus, Pony, Tanuki Sango, and Admiral Butterfly move into the online shop on February 6, 2021 together with the Basics Tanuki Yoru and Nebula. Feather Api and Feather Amaranth will join Tanuki Umi, Tanuki Niji, and Feather Jackdaw on February 27.

You can find detailed product descriptions, sizing recommendations, care tips, and all the other information about each of the models on the product pages in the online shop.

We’re looking forward to a wonderfully wild season!