Insole "Hempling"

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This insole made of hemp and flax has temperature regulating and moisture absorbing characteristics and thus is as suitable for colder transitional months, as well as warm summer days.

It is wearable transseasonally and the alternative to the insole "Wooly".
The black waterproof underlayer keeps moisture away.

Its 4mm thickness makes it especially suitable for narrow feet, in order to reduce the inner volume of the shoes a little. It may be necessary to choose the next size for the shoe and insole.

100% cotton [sorted, a selection between striped and herringbone pattern is not possible]

hemp-flax-fleece (50% hemp, 50% flax)

approx. 4 mm

We recommend removing the insoles from the shoes after use for airing and to avoid moisture build-up. They can be carefully washed by hand. Allow to dry completely before putting them back.


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