Size Finder

It’s great to see you here! The Wildling Shoes size finder will help you find the right shoe size.

Option A: Print the Fitkit template

There are four Fitkits. Download the printable Fitkit that’s right for you and find your Wildling shoe size. Don’t forget to check your printer settings: Set the zoom/scale to 100% and enable “print without margins” or borderless printing.

Option B: Without printer

Step 1-2: Measure the foot length

Grab a sheet of paper and a thin pencil. It is important to measure both feet, since people rarely have two feet that are exactly the same length. When measuring, please wear the thickest socks you plan to wear.

  1. Place the edge of the sheet of paper against a wall. Stand on it so that your heel touches the wall.
  2. Holding your pen upright, draw a straight line at the tip of your longest toe (parallel to the wall). Repeat with your other foot.
  3. At a right angle, use a ruler to measure the length from the wall to the line you drew.
  4. Navigate to the size chart at the bottom of this page and use the length of the longer foot to find the corresponding size on the chart.

Step 3: Find the shoe size

The lengths indicated (cm/inch) are the recommended maximum foot lengths for that size.
Each model’s specific product page provides additional information about its particular fit. Please take this information into account when choosing your size.

Adult feet:
Please note: The recommended size already includes sufficient rolling room. If you prefer more space, or have wider or growing feet, we recommend choosing one size larger.

*Sizes 35 and 36 have the same interior length; however, they each fit differently: Compared with size 35, size 36 has a wider circumference.

EU size EU 36* EU 37 EU 38 EU 39 EU 40 EU 41 EU 42 EU 43 EU 44 EU 45 EU 46 EU 47 EU 48
US size W 5 | M 4 W 6 | M 5 W 7 | M 6 W 7.5 | M 6.5 W 8 | M 7 W 9 | M 8 W 10 | M 9 W 11 | M10 W 11.5 | M 10.5 W 12 | M 11 W 12.5 | M 12 W 13.5 | M 13 W 14 | M 13.5
inch 8.9 9.3 9.4 9.7 10.0 10.2 10.5 10.8 11.0 11.3 11.6 11.8 12.1
cm 22.6 23.3 24.0 24.6 25.3 26.0 26.6 27.3 28.0 28.6 29.3 30.0 30.6

Now it's personal: Wildling Online Consultation

For all questions about Wildling shoes and accessories, we can now meet online. Whether you need help with sizing, care, cleaning, or a comparison of different models, the personal Wildling Online Consultation is available in German from Tuesday to Friday to provide answers and support.

Please note: For complaints and returns, it is still best to contact customer service wenden.

If you would like your consultation to be in English, please leave a note in the comments field when booking.