Feder: How minimal can a Wildling be?

Sunshine and blue skies above, and nature in bloom below: as the days get longer and the temperatures rise, we take a deep breath and enjoy the warm sunshine on our skin. With the start of the outdoor season, we can also allow our feet more freedom: Feder sandals accompany us on our adventures - whether at the playground, in a café or free running.

Light as a feather
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  • Performance


    Matthew McGregor from the Wildling Community, ran a 100-kilometer race in his Feather sandals. He earned himself the distinctive tan stripes.

  • Hobby friendly

    Hobby friendly

    Whether we're strolling through the market, walking the dog or watering plants: The sandal carries us through everyday life as light as a feather.

  • Roots and Wings

    Roots and Wings

    Run wild, move freely and playfully explore the world: Feder is available in children's sizes and accompanies the little ones on big adventures.

  • Casual


    Lifestyle meets functionality with Feder: the unisex sandal combines stylish design with the popular Wildling comfort.

Three years of tinkering

The light and airy feel of the Feder is the result of intensive work on development and is based on Wildling's experience with its first sandal, the Pebble. One insight was that the Feder design should exert even less lateral pressure on the big toe than the previous model. 

Six people tinkered for three years: not only did they try out numerous variations on the drawing board. Wildling founder Ran even cut up a few Wildlings and used gaffer tape to test how the foot could be well enclosed with as little material as possible.

The challenge: Sandals usually consist of a hard outsole and the upper part attached to it. The Wildling sandal, however, had to be light to wear and offer maximum freedom of movement, secure stability and use as little material as possible. It soon became clear that the Feder had to be made from a single piece of microfiber, which would carry the heart of the shoe - the Wildling outsole.

Windlass effect: preventing the sole from "flapping"

The Wildling outsole is particularly thin and flexible. This allows our feet to perform their natural movements and allows the windlass mechanism to come into play. Doctors also refer to this as the "windlass effect": when we run, walk or jump, our big toe pulls upwards. This increases the arch surface under the foot and optimally prepares it for landing on the ground again. The windlass mechanism cannot work properly in shoes with a sole that is too firm.

Feder gives the foot all the freedom it needs. The upper is made from a single piece of robust microfiber. A wide strap runs across the big toe. It has a similar function to the middle strap of a flip-flop. However, it is much more comfortable to wear, allows the windlass mechanism to work optimally and keeps the sole on the foot at all times. Overall, the foot is gently and stably enclosed. Feder ensures maximum freedom of movement with minimum use of material.

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