Third Choice: What is it actually?

The defects of Third Choice models may limit the function of the shoe: for example, a seam may be open or beauty marks make the Wildling model fall out of the norm - for this reason, Third Choice models are 40% off. The right to return the goods remains unaffected.
The shoes themselves are marked as "Third Choice" in the store and can be added to the shopping cart together with other Wildlings or accessories. The discount will be deducted automatically. Please note: The models have a Third Choice © stamp, but don't worry: it appears on the inside, not the outside.

Below are sample images of the error categories with explanations.

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  • Interior folds:

    Interior folds:

    Particularly on the vamp (at the front top of the foot) and on the heel, the folds can be noticeable.

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  • Torn eyelets:

    Torn eyelets:

    The eyelets are inserted incorrectly, the upper material is torn and may eventually tear out further.

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  • Open seam:

    Open seam:

    The stitching is faulty: most often the fault appears in the microfiber and sewing from the upper. A visible repair is usually quite possible.*

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  • Sole groove:

    Sole groove:

    The groove in the sole of this shoe is either too narrow or too wide.

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  • Welt:


    There is a noticeable lump in the insole (under the foot) that affects comfort.

* The Wildling Shoes Repair Center offers repairs for A-Ware only.