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General Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy 

These terms and conditions will be accepted without limitations as soon as you enter into a competition / promotion organized by Wildling Shoes GmbH.

The general terms and conditions apply to all Wildling Shoes competitions / promotions advertised and held on Facebook / Instagram, by e-mail, at trade fairs or on our website. The sole organizer and contact person is Wildling Shoes GmbH.

Our competitions / promotions are not connected with Facebook / Instagram and are not sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook / Instagram in any way. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to hello@wildling.shoes.

All those who meet the conditions directly specified in the respective competition / promotion are entitled to participate. The specified closing date for entries applies.

For Instagram: Only public profiles can participate in our competitions / promotions, as long as it is your own image being uploaded.

Submissions from and about competition services will not be considered. We reserve the right to exclude invalid contributions or manipulated reviews from the competition procedure without giving any reason.

Unless otherwise stated, a random draw will be made and the prize will be sent to the winners. We will contact the winners. If a winner does not respond within 10 days of being notified and does not send us their shipping address, the prize will be forfeited and given to a substitute winner.

Participation is only possible with the consent of a parent or guardian if the participant is not yet of legal age. In the case of minors, a prior written declaration of consent from a parent or guardian is required in order to receive the prize. Children under 14 years of age are not allowed to enter the competition.

Prizes will not be paid out in cash.

Legal recourse is excluded.

Please also note our Data Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, which we use in all of our competitions / promotions.

Storing your data:

We will only use your data for the competition / promotion and will not pass it on to third parties. Your data is only stored for the duration of the competition / promotion and we only use it to notify and announce the winners.

During and after our competition, you have the right to information on your stored data, their correction or deletion.

Announcement of the winners – please read carefully before participating!

By participating in one of our competitions / promotion, you agree that your name (the name you use on Facebook or Instagram, for example) and, if applicable, your submitted competition / promotion entry (e.g. the photo you take for a photo competition / promotion) may be made known and shared by us on our social networks via the @ function and published on our websites. This is for the purpose of announcing the winners. If you voluntarily give us your e-mail address as part of the competition, we will send you notification of the prize by e-mail. If you cannot be reached via the @ function or if you expressly decline to use this, your valid participation in the competition entitles us to send you a direct message to inform you of the prize. If you do not read our message in time and we have drawn a substitute winner, you are no longer entitled to your prize. So check the ‘Other’ inbox folder on Facebook, for example.

The granting of the aforementioned rights is solely for the operation and provision of the competition / promotion campaign and any presentation of participation contributions in online and print media.

Disclaimer: Each participant in our competitions / promotions may only post contributions – such as photos and links – online if the participant has all rights (such as copyrights). Furthermore, it is not permitted to participate with contributions that contain insults, represent false facts, are of a sexual or violent nature, or any that violate competition, trademark or copyright laws. Participants bear the full responsibility for any injuries and release us from all liability.

If circumstances so require, we are entitled to cancel, modify or adjust our competition / promotion. It is not permitted to misuse (e.g. buying likes to win) our competitions. This will lead to non-participation in the competitions.

We will answer questions regarding the competitions / promotions addressed to hello@wildling.shoes.


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