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What moves us, what touches our soles (or souls?), what’s essential to our lives? We rarely have the opportunity to step into someone else’s shoes and take a few steps along their pathway in life, to see what they see and feel what they feel.

Our interview series “A Walk in My Shoes”, presented by actor and activist Brix Schaumburg, is an effort to change this by creating space for different types of encounters. A stage for individuals and their unique perspectives, experiences and stories that might not otherwise be told. A chance for an unfiltered, honest exchange about socially relevant topics. Each moving talk is aimed at breaking down conventional patterns of thinking.

All interviews with our inspiring guests will be published bit by bit here and on Youtube.

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  • Anne Menden – Acting meets activism

    Audiences know Anne Menden as an actor from roles like “Emily” in the German series “Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten” (‘Good Times, Bad Times’). An avowed vegan, Anne also sees herself as an environmentalist, conservationist and animal rights activist. In addition to her previous voluntary work, including a stint with the international non-profit Sea Shepherd organization, she remains active today in animal sanctuary work, and has even driven all over Germany to rescue a single sheep!

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  • Thelma Buabeng – Humor at any price?

    Is it even possible to confront a problem like structural racism with humor or positivity? As an actress, comedian and activist of her "Black Womxn Matter" community, Thelma Buabeng chooses her own surprising path and satirizes racist cliches in equal measure as she dispels them. Her diversity is demonstrated in award-winning productions including “Berlin Alexanderplatz”, her own YouTube comedy “Tell Me Nothing from the Horse” and on theater stages from Hamburg to Zurich to Berlin.

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  • Britta Kiwit – Using humor to promote gender-neutral fashion

    Britta Kiwit prefers tackling socially critical topics with humor, as she demonstrates on her TikTok channel “avalino.diversity”. She also advocates outside the world of Social Media for greater diversity and against all manner of discrimination. Britta’s projects involve her in promoting greater diversity in children’s books, criticizing sexist toys with her petition “Spielzeug kennt kein Geschlecht” (‘Toys Know No Gender’) and supporting gender-neutral fashion for everyone.

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Bewegendes Gespräch mit Britta Kiwit

What moves you, Brix?

What moves Germany’s first officially out trans actor? What story has he always wanted to tell? We took a walk through the park with “A Walk in My Shoes” presenter Brix Schaumburg discussing clarification, equality and visibility advocacy.

A walk with Brix

Regeneration only works together

A regenerative approach to doing business and living with and among one another only works with a functioning sense of togetherness and solidarity. It requires us to face each other on equal terms, exchange views, share our experiences, learn from each other and gradually bring about the transformation. The mission of our “A Walk in My Shoes” series is to contribute to honest discussion, listening to one another and advancing our thinking together.

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