Insole "Washi"

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This insole is especially suitable to protect the insole of your Wildling from dirt, e.g. when changing from barefoot to wearing shoes.

It can be washed by hand in the sink and has the wonderful quick-drying and naturally antibacterial properties of the Washi material from Itoi.

With a thickness of only 2.5 mm, the insole barely wears, the EVA* maintains the flexibility of your minimal shoes, so you can continue to explore the world like barefoot.

We recommend to remove and air the insole daily after wearing.

The "Washi" insole can also be used as an exchange or replacement sole for the Tanuki models and all models with removable insole.


Washi (75% paper, 25% polyester)

Lunatur (80% EVA*, 20% walnut shells)

approx. 2.5mm

*Ethyl vinyl acetate - tested for harmful substances, closed-pore orthopaedic foam without plasticizer


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