Unser Antrieb: Wir sind Teil der RE:GENERATION

Our purpose: We are part of the RE:GENERATION

Regeneration – that’s the idea that gave rise to Wildling. Our shoes are designed to help our bodies regenerate, to aid the rediscovery of the joy to move naturally, and to connect us with the world around us by feeling the ground supporting our feet.

But we want to go further than that. We want to take responsibility and strive for solutions to the elemental challenges of our time – climate change and global injustice – which are intricately intertwined. Inspired by the principles of nature, we want to translate the regenerative impact of our shoes to our organization and the way we do business. We don’t merely want to minimize damage, but to have a positive impact with every step we take:

by running on renewable energy
by growing our raw materials in regenerative agricultural systems that create abundance
by rewilding ecosystems
by seeking radical collaboration and fair partnerships
by embracing diversity and complexity
by repairing and recycling our products and materials
and by understanding the limits of excessive growth

We want to create new trails by building bridges that are grounded in appreciation, empathy, and solidarity. And to do so together – because we are the RE:GENERATION. We are all part of a generation that must now go ahead to show that business can work like a healthy ecosystem – balanced, inclusive, diverse, and regenerative at every level.

How are we going to do that?  Our values

Kindness and solidarity

We treat each other with empathy, appreciation, kindness, and transparency.
We celebrate individuality, differing perspectives, and the abundance that comes from our diversity.
We cultivate fair and lasting relationships among equals, and offer opportunities for development and perspectives for the future.
We are committed to radical collaboration and are happy to share our knowledge.

Curiosity and change

We come across uncharted paths because we are guided by a sense of discovery and a pioneering spirit.
We are open to change, which enables us to continually grow and mature.
We examine our beliefs and actions and share what we’ve learned as a way to inspire others.

Courage and the determination to act

We set bold goals and have a concrete plan for achieving them.
We take on responsibility and get actively involved.
We speak up, and we are not afraid to take a clear stance.


*With respectful reference to Prelude to a Great Regeneration from the Mission 2020 initiative.


Cover image: Wildling Shoes/Sarah Pabst