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Wild Wishes

Ah, if only we had three wishes. Melanie from Team Wildling once said that out loud, and then she posed the question in the fox’s den: “Tell me, what do you wish for - for Christmas, for the new year, or just in general? For Wildling, for our work, for a sustainable and better world?”

The results of the small, internal survey are more beautiful and have more heart than any Christmas film. Sit down with an elderberry punch or some warm apple juice with cinnamon and this wish list, and read for yourself the wild wishes that we put together.

“For Wildling I wish spontaneously that… actually quite simply that we might all stay healthy and keep having fun with our work.

For my area I wish for further development of vegan leather - something like “mushroom leather” that grows around the shoe lasts - sorted!”

“Overall I wish that it may all continue to be spontaneous, exciting, fast-moving and varied. That we still throw in a “But!”, even if it sometimes takes a lot of energy. But for me as an experienced allergy sufferer absolutely wonderful.”

“I wish that we may continue to be such a dynamic, active pack, growing wisely (rising to the tasks required of us), which keeps on reinventing the act of reinventing yourself and stays true to itself.

Good health, happiness and three cheers for all! Always at least three scoops!”

“For Wildling I wish for the first widely applied deposit system for shoes. My green heart would absolutely love that.

That this culture of appreciation and mutual support may continue to spread. It's unbelievable, and can and should and must please create many more ripples.”

"Our shoes are simply wild, and you can't always round up enough of them to match demand. My wish is that our customers - also bearing in mind sustainability - would keep that in mind when they're annoyed because a particular shoe isn't available in their size at a particular time. I've often found that it's a little bit like Harry Potter and the magic wands: in the end every Wildling finds its person."

“Everything I think of is too emotional. But this morning something so stupid happened... Crazy... A woman was blocking the pavement with her five bags. When I asked her to move one of the bags so that my four-year-old could ride past without having to go on the road, she said: “No, children should learn from an early age that the world’s not fair!”

I wish for a fairer world, a world that doesn't keep people so hurt, humiliated and small that they think it's alright to take away children’s hope so early on, and to build a negative view of things into their upbringing just in case.

And noise-cancelling headphones for anyone who works in a room with other people.”

“I’m unbelievably grateful that my path led me to Wildling and that I can be a part of it. I wish that all people may remain true to their wishes and dreams, and that they experience a bit more gratitude and contentment.”

“I wish for Wildling and all of us that it may continue to be so varied and exciting, and that we may stay true to our ideals and our goals. I wish for more joy in people’s hearts about the small, everyday things, and a smile on their faces that infects others. I add my voice to the wish for a fairer world in which we ourselves can make a small contribution every day.”

“Completely free of modesty I wish that we might inspire other entrepreneurs, founders and employers - in my view Wildling is an example of how work can be modern and sustainable, and it would be great if even more people could learn and benefit from that - or at least be prompted to rethink.

...and then I wish for myself that we could all go hiking together next year - all kitschy and idyllic.”

“For the new year the first thing I wish for all of us is good health - however banal that sounds, it's one of the most important things.”

“As one of the oldest pack members I wish that we all, again and again, would contemplate tolerance and our interactions with each other. The words of Hermann Hesse help to make it less abstract: ‘Children have big hearts, and through the magic of imagination they can store things next to each other in their hearts whose opposing nature would, in older minds, provoke the fiercest battle and either-or’”.

“For Wildling I wish that the whole team may continue to be allowed to grow and develop the company by offering ideas and criticism, and that we never lose our focus"

“As a member of the team I've experienced Wildling's transformation for some time - a transformation so huge that again and again I stand there in disbelief, rejoicing in the lucky chance that brought me to Wildling. I’m grateful to be a part of it and to be on this journey with my whole heart.”

“I wish that we might keep rediscovering and reinventing Wildling without losing sight of our origins.

And a Wildling farm :-)”

Foto by About Little J


Of course we also had a look at the wishes of the Wildling Community. But only the fox knows whether they’ll come true...

“A rubber boot would go down a treat

In many colours - four at least.

Postcards with the fox; posters too would be nice,

Sandals in summer, we’ll buy them in a trice.

T-shirts with the fox logo clearly seen

Many low-cut models, in yellow and green.

Larger sizes for big girls and boys

Would leave us unable to conceal our joy.

Last but not least - a model with zip,

Without a membrane, yet watertight, to dye yourself...

Oh alright, just joking - finished, that’s it!”

We’d love to see any wishes you want to leave here, too - for Wildling, for a green and sustainable world - because

“every demand, silent or spoken, brings its supply of the thing wished for in proportion to the intensity of the wish.”

(Prentice Mulford, US American journalist)

Run wild!

Anna, Ran & Team Wildling


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