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Wild help - swift answers to all your questions!

Nearly all of us have ordered things on the internet and then been disappointed. Too small, too big, already broken or the material seems to be too delicate for the job in hand.

After a bit of searching on the website you’ve found a telephone number, and you key in the digits impatiently so that someone can finally sort out the problem!

“Please be patient and you’ll be connected to the next available agent”

And then musical hell: the queue! “Für Elise” played on the piano by a three-year-old (at least that’s how it sounds), Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” on the recorder, or, even worse, an attempt to present an instrumental version of a “modern” pop song in a four-bar loop. Celine Dion on the telephone...

Perhaps the phone isn't always the best solution?

In the beginning...

Way way back in Wildling’s early days, our founder, Anna, answered every question in person. By email or telephone. But it quickly became clear that that's not a long-term solution. The telephone in particular has certain limitations. You need someone who can answer right away and ideally knows the answer to any question that comes up.

Since at the beginning we weren’t able to be reachable all the time, we decided to answer all queries by email.

That means that Wildlings can pose their questions whenever the mood takes them, while our fox agents can devote enough time to each query.

More Wildlings, more questions

Every season we sell more Wildlings, and consequently the number of mails increases - with questions on the various models, about finding the right size, wondering if an order is on its way, regarding a cancellation or about how the returns process works. These are all things that you can now do yourself by logging into the customer area.

Some questions occur repeatedly, so we created a list of FAQ for the most frequent issues. You can find that under “Contact”.

Internally, our foxes have become specialists for particular areas such as size questions, complaints or care tips, so that we can react more effectively.

But when a new collection arrives in the shop, we get three times as many mail queries. Oops! Even if all the customer service foxes do overtime together (and right before a launch, that’s exactly what they do), people still have to wait.

The solution: quick help and help portal

So we’ve optimised the contact possibilities even further. On our website, under “Contact”, you’ll find the help portal. This includes quick help, which displays suitable answers to all your questions. If none of the answers fits, you can still contact our customer service using the contact form.

Or an even quicker option is our chat, where we try to clear up all issues in real time. And in addition you can reach us on Facebook or Instagram.

There’s only one thing you still won’t find at Wildling, even in the future: the musical queue!

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