Who is who im Dachsbau

Who’s who in the Badger’s sett?

All new Wildling shoes spend a while in the Wildling warehouse on the way to their final home. They come all the way from Portugal and when they get here they’re repacked with love. Returns are received and processed, and kilometres of elastic laces are sent out.

The various tasks are shared by many hardworking pairs of hands. We’ve already told you about the early days of the warehouse in Anna and Ran’s attic and about the move to our current warehouse. Now we want to introduce a few of the people whose hard work keeps things running smoothly in the Badger's sett.


Our “Warehouse Badger” has been around pretty much from the beginning, and even housed the (still small) warehouse in his cellar for a while. He loves his job as Teamlead Logistics: “Working at Wildling means so much to me. We’re like a family and at the same time so different. Everyone has the chance to grow and develop.”


Max has only been at Wildling for a week, but he's already excited about being a pack member: “Working here is fun and never boring. The team is very open-minded and I felt accepted from the very beginning.”


Suhas has just moved to Germany from India and sends Wildlings out to their new homes. “Working in such a fun team helps me improve my German, and I’m looking forward to all the challenges ahead.”


Rita used to take care of Wildling headquarters, and now she's moved to Team Logistics. “I love working together with other people, and picking and packing all the various Wildlings and accessories.”


Yasemin is always glad when new members join the team so they can keep up with the growing number of shoes. “Every season our team grows, and we’re always working to become more efficient. It’s a challenge but you can see the progress, even though there's still more to do here and there.”


Carina sees all the places Wildlings travel to. She's responsible for international orders. “Sometimes Wildlings go on really long trips, and I imagine what their new homes might look like.”


“I enjoy the variety of tasks here in the shipping team.”


Sylvia prepares returns for being sent back out to another new home. “We try to send the parcels with as little packaging material as possible. Unfortunately we sometimes receive returns that have been taped up in such a way that we can't reuse the boxes. But my heart melts when we get returns including little gifts.”


Dietmar’s job is to process returns and send out refunds. He loves working with like-minded pack members. “Half my family work at Wildling, so Wildling really does mean family to me - both literally and figuratively.”


When she's unloading the lorries that arrive regularly from Portugal, Priska especially enjoys unpacking her favourite models, such as in the week when the Adder arrived.


“I’m very happy to work together with people who are so friendly and helpful. Such a big team, where everyone supports everyone else - that’s something special that I hadn't experienced in previous jobs.”

Sabrina & Jacqueline

“Teamwork is great but can also be challenging. Especially in times when new collections are launched, it can be stressful. But structures and friends make our jobs easier and fun”


Basti is responsible for organising internal processes. Checking incoming deliveries, deciding which Wildlings go on which shelves, what materials are required, and so on.

“In an e-commerce company that does its best to handle things as sustainably as possible, warehouse management can be really challenging. But it makes me really happy to see that sustainability is really being lived here, and not just paid lip service."


Gerhard makes sure there are enough Wildlings to try on at trade fairs and - if there's enough space - to be offered for sale. In addition, his range of tasks includes almost everything that requires an electric screwdriver or a hammer. He makes furniture for the trade fairs and showrooms. “I have friendly colleagues and lots of creative freedom - that's why I like working here.”

Every day these pack members pack around 800 orders with a total of 1500-2000 items, even more at launch time. Each day approximately 200 returns are unpacked, processed and - if the shoes are still in good condition - repacked. 

For everyone to run wild!

Anna, Ran and Team Wildling