Warm and wild - Autumn/Winter 2019

When the days start becoming shorter again and frost glistens on the branches instead of the morning dew, getting out of the door can be hard. But no other season has such an abundance of colours as the autumn. The tops of trees glow red and yellow, the different shades vie with the rich deep tones of blackberries, which, picked straight from the bush, still have the taste of summer on them. Far above the harvested field, a Buzzard circles and watches the Tarpan at the edge of the forest, who is still foraging for something to eat on the ground.

When she can be seen in the winter, the sun shows how versatile she can be. The light shines so brightly as it reflects in the icy lake, we don’t even notice the Heron on the edge of the water searching for his breakfast. Puffing his plumage, a Drake hides his head and becomes almost invisible in the reeds. Did the shadow of a giant wolf really appear behind the dark fir trees? Head for home quickly before it gets dark and the Amarok comes out of his hiding place. Luckily, Wildlings take us back with warm and light feet, a challenge such as this is a little bit too big.

The Cubs, Fallabella and Hummingbird come with us right up to the front door, spinning and twirling an extra round thanks to all their excess energy even though our breath freezes as it hits the air – perhaps they might turn back and pull the Amarok’s tail…

In the woods or the urban jungle – the new autumn/winter collection has the right barefoot shoe for every adventure. These lightweight shoes keep the lightness of summer on your feet even in winter. Here is a list of all the models to help make it easier to choose … although, maybe the opposite will happen?

You can find detailed information and care tips for each shoe in the appropriate product description – so your Wildling will also be a faithful companion next winter as well. 

The newcomers

All the Wildlings in this collection are, of course, new in some way, whether it’s the colour, the pattern or the mix of materials. But there are still a few new features we would like to point out:

Plastic-free alternative to polyester: a hemp-flax fleece lining

We love everything about Nordwolle. Most of our winter Wildlings come with virgin wool from rough wool Pomeranian sheep from Marco’s nature conservation project. But we also hear the calls for a vegan lining. We weren’t totally satisfied with the polyester plush of the last collections – it’s nothing but plastic after all and doesn’t meet our sustainability requirements. Our solution is a lining made of temperature-regulating hemp-flax fleece that keeps you warm through the chilly months.

The Drake with a warm hemp-flax fleece lining

A lined low cut

Not everyone goes on his adventures in the forest or the urban jungle. Sometimes cycling to the office with dry feet and putting in an elegant appearance are adventure enough. A lined low shoe in gleaming dark-blue makes Tarpan the perfect accompaniment to any outfit and will see us right through to next spring.

Familiar material in a new guise: Nordwolle in a herringbone look

Bring two different-coloured sheep together and what do you get – a whole new pattern! Looking beyond the dunes of his rough wool Pomeranian sheep, Marco has found a breed of sheep whose wool combines with that of the Pomeranian sheep to create a beautiful design.


Uppers virgin wool from Nordwolle:


Little Wolf (Cubs):

Upper wool 




Uppers Cotton:

Drake (Contains no products of animal origin):


Hummingbird (Cub):

Falabella (Contains no products of animal origin):


Run wild and warm!

Anna, Ran and Team Wildling




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