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Kiss skunk goodbye. Tips to combat unpleasant Wildling’s odors

Badgers, otters and hares naturally have a pleasant, wild smell. But after a lot of wear and humid conditions, Wildlings can sometimes show their skunky side. Which can get slightly unappealing.

Hot summer days are especially challenging for a foot enclosed inside a shoe - in a single day, we lose at least half a liter of water through our skin and respiration. Our feet are no exception and can perspire up to 50 milliliters of fluid a day. When the thermometer climbs and we move about more or exercise, we lose even more water, so that our body can regulate its temperature.

Moist, hot environments create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to develop and flourish and start to smell. As Wildlings are not treated with any anti-odor chemicals, this can, in some cases, result in something with a natural potency to it :)

We don’t recommend putting Wildlings (the shoes ;) ) in the washing machine, so that they can keep their natural materials and shape for longer, but we’ve still managed to put together some non-toxic, natural alternatives from Wildlings around the world that can fight nasty smells very effectively.

Stuff you can find at home

1. Baking soda

An all-rounder in the household, why not use baking soda for shoe hygiene? Simply apply inside the shoes and leave overnight. Dust it all off the next morning and you're good to go. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil for that little extra pizzazz.

An even handier version would be a spray made of: 100 ml cool, boiled water mixed with 2 tablespoons of baking soda and about 10 to 20 drops of your favourite essential oil. Spray at will :)

2. Coffee and tea

Coffee and tea are both great natural odor neutralizers. Simply fill some bags with loose tea (coffee works well here, too), or use tea bags or coffee pods and pop these into the shoes overnight.

3. Lavender 

Lavender is also a great opportunity for a nice scent in our shoes. Use dried lavender in a lavender bag and pop these into the shoes over night.

Head to the freezer

Many people swear by the power of freezing cold, and rightfully so - temperatures in a home freezer can kill the odor-causing bacteria. Use a plastic bag, or simply put your Wildlings directly inside the freezer overnight and get them out in the morning deliciously chilled and refreshed. Wanna have a double odorless effect? Simply put some of that baking soda, or coffee/tea inside the shoes before the freezing action takes place.


Using effective microorganisms can also help remove the odors in our shoes. Effective microorganisms are bacterial cultures and fermentation-active fungi that occur in nature. They are offered in liquid form by various manufacturers and can be directly used on the shoes to clean them.


Some feet smell more than others, so if you know yours are more prone to unpleasant pongs, and you want to avoid this, we recommend using our Hempling or Wooly insoles right from the start. These wonderful, natural materials absorb moisture and regulate temperature, keeping the foot climate in check. Remove the insoles from the shoes at the end of the day and let them air for the next day or give them a quick hand wash. It's also a good idea to vary between different insoles. 

What has been your experience with Wildlings so far? Did you find the methods above useful? Have you got any more tips on tackling unpleasant odors?

Please share your thought and suggestions with us.

Run Wild (with the occasional skunk :)) - Anna, Ran and Team Wildling

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