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Packing list for a real #wildfoxpedition

As summer draws to a close, the #wildfoxpedition has headed to its winter quarters for this year. The first rainy days, colourful leaves and the gradual weakening of the sun’s red-golden rays are signs that autumn is moving in. The fox reveals its winter fur to the world, and the first birds start to head south.

It makes you want to pack your bags, jump in a camper van and follow the sun.

On the #wildfoxpedition we - Yannic and Luca - had plenty of time to think about which items belong on a perfect packing list and how best to pack them. We also learned what the absolute must-haves are for a road trip in a camper van. Here, we present our top tips for a successful life-in-a-van-on-the-road.


One of the great things about the van life is that it takes you into the unknown - you can spend your holiday far from the tourist hordes. Which means that you may not find a supermarket each day to buy supplies. For a pleasant stay in the middle of nowhere, it's therefore an advantage to make sure you always have a bag of pasta or rice, packet soups or similar on hand.

Wedges for the tyres

These are not only really helpful because you sleep better for knowing that your sleeping quarters can't suddenly start to roll. They’re also great for compensating for uneven ground or for lifting the wheels so that the vehicle is always nice and level. There’s nothing more annoying than always sliding into one corner of the bed while you’re asleep.

Beaker of small change

In Germany, Austria and some of the other European countries, tolls are rarely a problem. Either there are none at all - as in Germany - or you can buy a short-term pass at the border. But further to the south of our beautiful continent, you’ll now and again find toll stations where you can only pay by cash or where your debit or credit cards don’t work. For such situations a beaker of small change is worth its weight in gold.

Map of the region

It’s not just that a map is a good idea if you're planning to explore the area a bit and leave a few paw prints. It’s also possible that when you're far from civilisation you might find yourself without a mobile signal, meaning your smartphone isn't much help anymore. And anyway, what's a holiday without a good old bit of digital detox? So out with the map, and off you go.

Torch/solar lamp

Even though camper vans are mostly equipped with powerful batteries that provide electricity for the fridge, sockets, auxiliary heating and lights, they don't last forever. If you're at the same spot for several days or are only driving for short stretches, it makes sense to reduce your electricity consumption. Portable light sources are of course also practical for bathroom trips or other activities in the middle of the night.

Board games, books, musical instruments

When you indulge in the van life, you tend to adjust your own rhythm around daylight hours. With limited electricity and no internet, most common evening activities no longer work, and outdoor activities are also better in daylight. But if you do want to stay up a bit longer, you should remember to take something for a bit of old-school entertainment and fun.


A full-grown foxmobile contains almost everything you need for a camping trip. But while things like kitchenware, cutlery, cups, washing-up gear and even a clothes line are provided by our friends the CamperBoys when you rent a van, you do have to remember to bring your own bedding.


That item is no doubt self-explanatory. Space-saving, good for the paws, suitable for pretty much any terrain, and either warming or airy and quick-drying as required, Wildlings are definitely a must-have. They also carry the memories of our #wildfoxpedition road trip: Every time we slip into our Wildlings, it reminds us of the most exciting and happiest moments of our trip.


Run and pack wild! 

Yannic & Luca and Team Wildling


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