Lost for words - Part 1

Five years ago, Anna (pictured here on the left, snarling) and Ran founded Wildling Shoes. Which makes right now a really great opportunity to let them share their thoughts.

Or just to ask a few questions, wait a bit, have a look, and press the shutter release. (Thank you for this wonderful  interview format, and our deep gratitude to you, dear Süddeutsche Zeitung.) 

Wildling is five years old. Have you lit a candle for your baby yet?


 How does it feel to be making the best minimal shoes in the world?

 Is there ever a time when you’re not “thinking Wildling”?


Are feet and the way they function really your only passion or is there another part of the body that you find pretty cool?


How do you feel just before a launch?


Head of a successful company, highly sought-after speaker, mother of three children, passionate and dedicated animal lover. Does being such a damn good role model ever get annoying?


Let’s be honest: Which one of you came up with the idea of making shoes with a gap in the sole?


Do you ever still wake up in a sweat thinking about blue shoes and blue feet?


You are a well-oiled team 24/7, you have children together and a mutual business. What happens when you totally get on each other’s nerves?



Run wild!

Anna, Ran and the Wildlings



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