Wild but shy...the new collection

We are thrilled to start the countdown to the coming spring/summer collection - there are so many surprises and new colours and we find it really difficult to bite our tongue...come and see:


Perfect for summer: Organic hemp


große Wildlinge

Shoes for big paws...coming this season!

große Blaumeise

Some new animal friends will join the fox in his den this spring. Chickadee, Hare and Racoon will join the party. What do you think they will look like?


Red Fox

Hello there Red Fox,

you of all animals have been missing in our pack. We are looking forward to meeting you!!



Launched as a limited model last summer, the Tanuki swept us off our feet immediately (pun intended). He is made of paper and makes a come-back this spring - accompanied by a featherweight friend..



Dear swan - we are so excited! A model that sets no boundaries to creativity. We can't wait to see, what you will make of it!



The fox likes to help little ones put on their shoes.

Place left and right correctly next to each other and the fox will show his friendly face, complimenting your little robber on how well she is doing this already!



Use as little synthetics as possible - this, together with the pursuit after the best possible foot climate were our main guidelines from the get go.

Finally we have found a way to replace the memory foam from last spring with natural fibres.

From now on, Wildlings will be walking on... hemp.

In a quite elaborate process, we were able to develop a quilt, mashed from cotton fabric and a hemp-flax-fleece (GOTS-certified).

Originally used as a mattress filler, this material does not only let you sleep well at night, but also provides a great walking comfort.

On top of that, hemp and flax have temperature regulating characteristics and thus are as suitable for colder transitional months, as well as warm summer days.



Also this year the Wildlings sport a cotton lining with fresh stripes.

The material is sourced from a Portuguese, GOTS-certified shirt-factory and is custom-made for your Wildlings.


Mikrofaser Ferse

A little alteration for sensitive paws - the low-cuts now have a heel-piece made from microfibre.

Low-cut models should be kneaded a bit along the seams before wearing them for a snug, soft fit.


offene Senkel

Open at the bottom - this is how the elastic laces will arrive. In all Wildling models (23-35) you can now lace up as you like (including the red eyelet or not? cross-wise or parallelly?) and also adapt the length to your needs. The package comes with end-clips to secure the lace tips.


Membran gross

This spring five models come dressed with a membrane and four without, so whatever adventure you are seeking, you will find the right companion.

Cotton-canvas and membrane offer better weather resistance, while linen and paper without membrane provide a light, breezy wearing comfort.

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