The 2020 winter collection

Craftsmanship meets the modern age: Tools made from hard-wearing metals, wood shavings that fall to the ground, raw material that takes on completely new forms, and an eye for detail: As our product team was busy compiling ideas for the new collection, a variety of traditional skilled crafts and trades were whirling around the workshop to provide inspiration. The resulting models reinterpret the elements and materials of traditional workwear and inject a double dose of that wonderful feeling into our everyday lives – the feeling inspired by handcrafted items. After all, Wildlings themselves are made by hand.

Of course, every Wildling collection is special in its own way, but this winter there are a few surprises in store with our warming winter companions. Rubus and Berry, for instance, are the very first Wildlings made of corduroy. Crow, our highest high cut yet, comes equipped with a clasp reminiscent of the buckle found on tool belts. Thanks to the stitched inset on its shaft, Nessie unites the trades of shoemaker and fisherman. And in some of the models, the flat cotton laces have been swapped out for cords that make our cheeks turn rosy just thinking about the rugged maritime climate that served as their inspiration.

In addition to three new Cubs models for sizes EU 18 to 22, a high-cut model as well as five mid-cut models – available in the Wildling and Rewild sizes EU 23 to 35 and 36 to 48 – are also eager to be discovered. They are joined by an extra-high high cut available in the Rewild sizes (EU 36 to 48).

Cubs models Starling, Honeybee, and Berry

Durable cotton

Three of this year’s mid cuts are proof that hard-wearing fabrics, like those commonly used for workwear, can indeed look stylish and contemporary. Honeybear and Honeybee draw the sun to our feet with their densely woven, golden yellow uppers made of 100% organically grown cotton. With its membrane construction and water flap, sage-green Sábio, sports an upper that is designed to defy the rainy season, while rosewood-hued Winter Heath is made from 100% recycled cotton.
While Sábio dispenses with an interior winter lining, Honeybear, Honeybee, and Winter Heath are equipped with warming boiled wool from our partner Nordwolle.

The cotton models at a glance:

Sábio Rewild and Wildling

The Honeybear family (Rewild and Wildling) with Honeybee (Cubs)

Winter Heath Rewild and Wildling

Cotton dons a new look: The corduroy Wildling

Rubus' and Berry's arrival to the fox’s den this winter marks the first ever corduroy Wildlings. The idea was inspired by carpenter’s work clothes, which are traditionally made from corduroy. Our product team gave this velvety material a burgundy finish and worked their magic to transform it into a Wildling that evokes images of ripened grapes and colorful fall foliage. With their insulating inner lining made of hemp-flax fleece, Rubus (sizes EU 23 to 48*) and Berry (sizes EU18 to 22*) are made entirely without materials of animal origin.

The Rubus family (Rewild and Wildling) with Berry (Cubs)

Warming wool

What would the Wildling winter be without wool? For two of our models, we use virgin wool from certified organic animal husbandry for the upper. For Nessie, it was woven in a herringbone pattern – but not just because of the warmth factor. The dark blue mid cut was inspired by the trade of traditional fishing, which is why it features a stitched inset on the shaft that brings to mind visions of toasty sweaters and warm caps.

Nessie Rewild and Wildling

Crow introduces a particularly high-cut to the collection – available in Rewild sizes. More than simply a unique eye catcher, the pin buckle clasp also ensures secure closure. Virgin wool was woven to create a salt-and-pepper effect for Crow as well as for Starling, a Cubs model.

Crow (sizes EU 36 to 48*) and Starling (sizes EU 18 to 22*)

Again this year we are working closely with our partner Nordwolle, the company from which we source the lining material for all our lined winter Wildlings with the exception of Rubus and Berry. The cozy boiled wool not only keeps feet pleasantly warm, it also boasts temperature-regulating and moisture-regulating properties. Using this material also supports landscape conservation projects. This blog article explains more about it.

The Wombat, one of this year’s two high cuts, has more than just an inner lining made from this wonderful material. Nordwolle was also used for the plain weave of its upper. The dense weave of the fabric makes Wombat a wonderfully warm companion for very chilly days.

Wombat Rewild and Wildling

Please note that the new Wildling Shoes autumn and winter collection comes out in two parts: The Sábio, Nessie, Rubus, Berry, Honeybear and Honeybee move into the online store on September 05 while the Crow, Starling, Wombat and Winter Heath will join three weeks later, on September 26.

Detailed product descriptions, sizing recommendations, care tips, and all other information about the models can be found on the product pages in the online store as well as in the articles and pages that are linked in this article.

We’re looking forward to a wonderfully wild winter!


Run wild!

Anna, Ran and the Wildlings

*For US sizes, please view the Wildling Shoes sizing chart.


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