Deutscher Gründerpreis 2021

German Founder Award 2021

The whole fox's den is still in great excitement and can hardly believe it, but: It is not a dream! On September 14th, Wildling Shoes was awarded the “Deutscher Gründerpreis”, in the category Up-and-coming-Entrepreneurs.

Wow! Who would have guessed this, 6 years ago, when the Wildling story began: with an idea that was ridiculed by some, a clear and quite innovative vision of healthy feet and a company that puts regeneration, nature and people at the heart and center of every single action. Not to forget a crowdfunding that exceeded all expectations. 

Since then that’s what the Wildling journey has been doing: exceeding all expectations. Now, in the midst of the most beautiful launch hustle and bustle of the Fall/Winter Collection, this wonderful award moves into the fox’s den. It’s a milestone and the icing on the cake. Or, to say it in Wildling terms: it’s the rainbow-laces for the Tanuki Niji.

Picture: Wildling Shoes | Sarah Pabst, Models: North Wolf, Elderberry, MartenWapiti

“One shouldn’t greet you by looking at your shoes. One should look into your eyes.
That's where there’s all the passion with which you have made your idea a success ..."

(From the laudatio by Florian Gless)

And that’s when quite a few team members - on and off stage (cheering behind their screens during the joint finger-crossed meet) - teared up a bit. Or maybe a bit more. Or even quite a lot. 

Thanks so much to everyone who was rooting and cheering for the fox. Thanks for being part of our wonderful wild pack! The greatest shoe would be meaningless if there was no one to wear it. The most beautiful prize would be worth nothing if there wasn't this strong community cheering along.

Onwards we go on our wonderful, wild and adventurous path, together. Run wild! 

For anyone who feels like reliving all those beautiful moments, you can watch the whole ceremony in the ZDF Mediathek (in German) and an exciting documentary about Wildling founder Anna Yona and some of the other finalists.

 Picture: Wildling Shoes | Sandra Chiolo, Model: Tanuki Yoru

Header: Wildling Shoes | Ran Yona