Wildling gives the gift of freedom

Life is too short for “at some point”! And let's get rid of all the “buts” too. Here's your chance to go on tour round Europe with Wildling - ideally from March to August 2019 (or gladly even longer). 
Discovering cities and countries, wandering around trade fairs, dancing at festivals, finding new homes in shops for pack members, and experiencing all the adventures that can't be planned for. 
You document the journey, write virtual postcards and take pictures of yourselves and your experiences - ideally while on the move. 
Let the #wildfoxpedition begin!

For the #wildfoxpedition we are looking for...

+ At least 2 people - it doesn't matter whether you're a couple, friends or family
+ Open-minded adventurers who’ve got the travel bug
+ Social media lovers
+ Reliable and creative communicators
+ Self-reliant organisational and improvisational talents
+ Wildlings with a driver's licence (at least category B)
+ Your time

We're offering...

+ Freedom - for feet and soul
+ The opportunity to discover life, countries and cultures
+ Fox-mobile as a travelling companion, or expenses for an existing vehicle
+ Travel expenses
+ Remuneration for time worked


Lots of fantastic applications for the #wildfoxpedition have arrived in the fox’s den. The final casting session has taken place in Cologne... And it wasn't only the participants who were in suspense...

The first wild casting session was really exciting for Team Wildling as well. Because, you know, it was our first casting session too. Usually it's something you only know from the television :-) We were all on the edge of our seats and can't wait to hear who’s going to go on the #wildfoxexpedition. And above all how wild it’ll be.

Want to follow the adventure? 
Run wild!



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