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Tanuki Asahi

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This minimal shoe is styled with the colors of the land of the rising sun and is made of a very special and innovative material from Japan.

Washi consists of 70% paper, is temperature-regulating, breathable and quick-drying. Its 30% polyester content makes the fabric more durable.

At only 56-151 grams, it's one of the lightest shoes in the world. This provides a completely new feeling of freedom – like having bare feet, yet protected. And its small size makes this minimalistic model the perfect companion for trips and wild adventures in the great outdoors.

With its white outer sole, the Tanuki Asahi is also ideal for activities in sports’ halls or gyms.

Thanks to the material’s anti-bacterial characteristics (a natural effect – nothing chemical!), the shoes are great for wearing without socks, too.

The paper and polyester are woven in such a way that the synthetic fibre lies on the outside – your skin itself only comes into contact with the paper – with the exception of the integrated microfibre padding at the heel. We recommend kneading the padding to soften it before the first wearing. Wearing your Tanukis in well makes them even more supple.

Elastic laces, available separately, make the shoes easier to put on.

Please note:
Each individual shoe is a unique, handcrafted specimen. You may therefore find slight irregularities in texture and color. Extended use can lead to a kind of denim effect.
This minimal shoe is water-permeable, can be worn in water and dries very quickly.
This shoe is no longer being produced. There is only a limited stock.

Washi (70 % Papier, 30 % Polyester) - signalrot

Futter / Decksohle:
Washi (70 % Papier, 30 % Polyester)

Lunatur (80 % EVA, 20 % Walnussschalen)

Synthetik-Gummi mit ca. 50 % Recycling-Anteil, Kork;
2,5 mm (36 - 41); 3,5 mm (42 - 46) - off-white

enthält keine Materialien tierischen Ursprungs, Limited Edition

Verschmutzte Schuhe werden am besten in trockenem Zustand sauber gebürstet oder bei Bedarf im Waschbecken gewaschen. Nach einem Ausflug in Salzwasser sollte der Tanuki gut mit klarem Wasser ausgespült werden.

Die Einlegesohle ist ebenfalls waschbar und sollte zum Trocknen herausgenommen werden. Sie schützt wilde Pfoten und die Innensohle vor Abnutzung.

Eine Imprägnierung ist nicht notwendig, da der Schuh wasserdurchlässig ist.

Fällt durch den außerordentlich dünnen Washi-Stoff ein wenig größer aus, bei einer Zwischengröße empfehlen wir die nächstkleinere zu wählen.


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