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The whole bush is rustling and murmuring as if the wind were caught in it. But behind the waving leaves hides a wild group of little sparrows playing boisterously and cheeping at the top of their voices. They jump from branch to branch, and if you watch for a while you’ll notice little brown arrows shooting through the leafy ceiling, chasing each other in a loop and diving back down into the rich green.

The Sparrow is an especially light new-walker shoe, perfect for taking those first steps.

Its upper, made of robust organic cotton in a Panama weave, ensures a good flow of air while creating a cheerful denim effect. The lining with its indigo-blue leaf pattern looks wonderful with the organic cotton.

The integrated insole is made of hemp-flax fleece, covered in red cotton. It has a temperature-regulating effect, creating a pleasant shoe climate for young paws. A very thin and flexible rubber sole of only 1.5 mm protects your child’s delicate feet on their earliest adventures in spring meadows and on summer paths.

The flat orange laces are also made of cotton and can be swapped to suit your mood.

Please note:
Due to the small size, the fox label is printed on the back of the shoe.
Each individual shoe is a unique, handcrafted item made of natural materials.
You may therefore find slight irregularities in texture and colour.
Due to the environmentally-friendly print of the lining, some colour may rub off on light-colored socks.
This shoe is no longer being produced. There is only a limited stock.

100 % Baumwolle aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau - haselbraun

Futter / Decksohle:
100 % Baumwolle aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau

Mikrofaser (97 % Polyester, 3 % Polyurethan) - haselbraun

Recycling-Gummi, Kork;
1 mm - orange

enthält keine Materialien tierischen Ursprungs

Wir empfehlen, die Schuhe vor dem ersten Tragen gründlich mit unserem umweltfreundlichen Imprägnierspray zu behandeln und regelmäßig nachzuimprägnieren.

Verschmutzte Schuhe werden am besten in trockenem Zustand vorsichtig sauber gebürstet oder behutsam mit einem feuchten Tuch gereinigt.

Nicht waschmaschinengeeignet.

Sollte dein kleiner Wildling gerne Rutschfahrzeuge oder Laufrad fahren, empfehlen wir die Schuhe zusätzlich vor Abrieb zu schützen.

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