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The first flurry of snow takes the forest by surprise. A sprinkling of white iciness covers the ground. Where the forest ends and the fields begin, a young kite has joined its friends. Taking turns, they shoot high into the air, clipping fir cones from the branches. Every single cone is caught before it even hits the ground. As dusk descends, the kite returns to its eyrie, proud and exhausted. The pine cones lying next to it bear witness to its strength and skill.

Waxed cotton, also used for British weatherproof jackets, makes this snuggly warm lined high-cut shoe a very special companion. The wax treatment forms a dirt, wind and water-resistant layer, while maintaining the breathability of the cotton.

Over time, your adventures will leave their wild traces on the Kite, giving it a cool, used look – every crease adding to your own work of art.

Thanks to its climate and moisture-regulating felted wool from Nordwolle, this minimal shoe is ideal for both fine autumn and cold winter days.

Give your Kite an individual touch by using different elastic laces or colored laces, available separately.

Please note:
Each individual shoe is a unique, handcrafted item made of a natural material.
You may therefore find slight irregularities in texture and color.
After heavy wear, you can rewax the shoes using cotton wax dressings. Deep creases can be smoothed out a little with careful use of a hairdryer.
The wax may rub off on other materials, making laces or microfibre slightly darker or affecting trouser hems. Dirt may stick to the surface.

This shoe is no longer being produced. There is only a limited stock.

100 % Baumwolle mit synthetischem Wachs gewachst

Futter / Decksohle:
Wollwalk (100 % Wolle)

100 % Polyester

Mikrofaser (50 % Polyamid, 50 % Polyurethan)

Synthetik-Gummi mit ca. 50 % Recycling-Anteil, Kork;
2,5 mm

Limited Edition

Wir empfehlenden Mikrofaser-Ringbesatz des Schuhs vor dem ersten Tragen gründlich mit unserem umweltfreundlichen Imprägnierspray zu behandeln und regelmäßig nachzuimprägnieren.

Verschmutzte Schuhe werden am besten in trockenem Zustand vorsichtig sauber gebürstet oder behutsam mit einem feuchten Tuch gereinigt. Nicht waschmaschinengeeignet.

Sollte dein kleiner Wildling gerne Rutschfahrzeuge oder Laufrad fahren, empfehlen wir die Schuhe zusätzlich vor Abrieb zu schützen.

Fällt durch das Futter ein wenig kürzer aus, bei einer Zwischengröße empfehlen wir die nächstgrößere zu wählen.


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