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The sun’s soft light sets across the meadow; the wind blows away the last wisps of fog. The filly cautiously attempts her first steps. She blinks curiously towards the sun, lovingly watched over by the herd. Soon, there is no stopping her. In high spirits, she plays around wildly. The wind and the little one indulge in a gleeful competition. Faster and faster they charge through the world together, not pausing to rest until twilight falls. Exhausted and happy, the little filly snuggles in as close as possible to her family.

The Filly shoe adapts gently and steadily to little hooves. A warm layer of pure new wool provides warmth, creating a cosy feeling of security for those first few steps. The perfect warm, flexible and pliable minimal shoe for the tiniest children's feet. The untreated felted wool from Nordwolle is produced regionally in Germany with a particular emphasis on sustainability.

If the Filly is the first learn-to-walk shoe for your little one, then during the cold season you’ll be glad of the naturally warming and climate-regulating properties of wool. An integrated membrane offers additional protection when romping through the colorful autumn leaves, as well as in winter.

The berry-red elastic laces, which make it easier to get into this children's shoe, can be swapped for other elastic laces, available separately, and shortened as required.

Please note:
Due to the small size of the shoe, the fox label is printed on this model.
Each individual shoe is a unique, handcrafted item made of a natural material.
You may therefore find slight irregularities in texture and color.
This shoe is no longer being produced. There is only a limited stock.

Canvas (70% Baumwolle, 30 % Leinen)

Futter / Decksohle:
Wollwalk (100 % Wolle)

100 % Polyester

Mikrofaser (97 % Polyamid, 3 % Polyurethan)

Synthetik-Gummi mit ca. 50 % Recycling-Anteil, Kork;
1 mm

Wir empfehlen, die Schuhe vor dem ersten Tragen gründlich mit unserem umweltfreundlichen Imprägnierspray zu behandeln und regelmäßig nachzuimprägnieren.

Verschmutzte Schuhe werden am besten in trockenem Zustand vorsichtig sauber gebürstet oder behutsam mit einem feuchten Tuch gereinigt. Nicht waschmaschinengeeignet.

Sollte dein kleiner Wildling gerne Rutschfahrzeuge oder Laufrad fahren, empfehlen wir die Schuhe zusätzlich vor Abrieb zu schützen.

Fällt durch das Futter ein wenig kürzer aus, bei einer Zwischengröße empfehlen wir die nächstgrößere zu wählen.


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