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Small, but mighty’ Falabella thinks and trots past the sheep at a wild pace. With flowing mane, it skilfully dances through a small brook. On the other side, the little horse hears something rustling in the bushes. What might be hiding there? Soon the sun will set. The days are becoming shorter and shorter and a cold wind ruffles the small pony’s thickening coat almost daily. After a day full of adventures, it snuggles up to its family in the evening, exhausted and happy.

The Falabella gently and firmly adapts to tiny hooves. A climate- and humidity-regulating layer of hemp-flax fleece provides warmth, creating a cosy feeling of security for those first few steps.

The integrated membrane offers additional protection when romping through the colorful autumn leaves. The perfect warm yet flexible minimal shoe for the smallest of children’s feet – without the use of any animal materials.

To change the color combination, you can switch the Bordeaux-colored cotton laces for elastic laces, available separately, which you can shorten to fit.

Please note:
Each individual shoe is a handmade unique specimen, its upper material consists of a natural material. You may therefore find slight irregularities in texture and color.
The materials used are dyed in a very gentle and environmentally friendly way, without chemical additives. As a result, the color of the upper material may fade and abrasion may create a kind of denim effect.
This shoe is no longer being produced. There is only a limited stock.

** due to delivery bottlenecks of the manufacturer not from certified organic sources

Canvas (100 % Baumwolle*) - jeansblau

Innenfutter / Decksohle:
100 % Baumwolle aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau

Hanf-Flachsvlies (50 % Hanf, 50 % Flachs)

100 % Polyester

Mikrofaser (90 % Polyamid, 10 % Polyurethan) - blau

Synthetik-Gummi mit ca. 50 % Recycling-Anteil, Kork;
1 mm - bordeauxrot

enthält keine Materialien tierischen Ursprungs

Wir empfehlen, die Schuhe vor dem ersten Tragen gründlich mit dem Wildling Imprägnierspray zu behandeln und regelmäßig nachzuimprägnieren.

Verschmutzte Schuhe werden am besten in trockenem Zustand sauber geklopft oder behutsam mit einem feuchten Tuch gereinigt. Grobe Reibung kann zu einer Art Denim-Effekt führen.

Nicht waschmaschinengeeignet.

Sollte dein kleiner Wildling gerne Rutschfahrzeuge oder Laufrad fahren, empfehlen wir die Schuhe zusätzlich vor Abrieb zu schützen.

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