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Aigul showcases the beauty and singularity of traditional craftswomanship.

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Women's co-op
Natural dyes
Organic textile
Handmade in Europe
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Product information

A Wildling Shoes cooperation project with FOLKDAYS
The cotton for this model was obtained through a Cotonea project that supports organic cotton cultivation in Kyrgyzstan. The fabric for this minimal shoe was created in cooperation with FOLKDAYS.

Manufactured entirely by hand
The yellow and white fabric for the upper was created by hand. From the cotton raw material to the finished woven fabric, every link in the value chain originates in Kyrgyzstan.

Natural ikat dyeing technique using turmeric
The cotton is handspun, dyed with turmeric following a natural method based on the ikat technique, set with vinegar, and handwoven according to an age-old traditional method. The resulting fabric gives Aigul its distinctive and vibrant beauty.

Please note:
The cotton has been dyed with turmeric and set with vinegar. This natural processing, without the use of chemicals, causes the fabric to fade more quickly when exposed to sunlight.
Because the spinning, dyeing, and weaving processes are performed by hand, the structure and coloring of each shoe is unique.


Canvas (100% certified organic cotton) – off-white with natural yellow coloring

Interior lining/mid-sole:
100% certified organically grown cotton

Hemp-flax fleece (50% hemp, 50% flax) [removable]

Canvas (100% recycled cotton) – off-white

60% synthetic rubber from approx. 33% recycled material, 25% silica, 15% recycled cork – off-white


True to size as measured with the Fitkit.

Video tutorials explaining how to use the Fitkit and determine the correct fit are available on the Wildling Shoes YouTube channel.


Waterproofing before first-time wear

There is no need to apply waterproofing treatment to the entire shoe right out of the box. Before first-time wear, we do recommend that you waterproof the edging again. This may cause the edging to darken slightly, so don’t be surprised.
Tip: Using a brush is the best way to apply the waterproofing product. If you choose to spray it on, be sure to cover the rest of the shoe. Repeat the waterproofing treatment as needed.


The best way to clean soiled shoes is by knocking them together and carefully brushing them out when they’re dry, or by gently wiping them down with a damp cloth to protect the hand-woven texture. Not machine washable.

We recommend removing the insoles from the shoes after use for airing and to avoid moisture build-up.
They can be carefully washed by hand. Allow to dry completely before putting them back. Not machine washable.


We recommend periodic follow-up waterproofing treatments with a suitable product.

Recommended waterproofing products

Waterproofing spray "Wildling"

Additional notes

Every single shoe is a handmade one of a kind, with an upper made from natural material. The structure and coloration may exhibit minor irregularities.

When putting on, please note: Widen the opening of the shoe sufficiently by loosening the laces. This minimizes wear on the material and extends the life of the shoe.

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