Our Values


Wildling aims to strengthen the connection between people and the environment. Maintaining top-of-mind awareness of our ecological responsibility as a manufacturing company is the basic prerequisite for this objective.

Wildling is committed to continuing to reduce its ecological footprint. The materials we use are valuable resources.

We therefore give top priority to the careful selection of materials sourced from trustworthy and long-term partners with environmentally friendly distribution channels.


We believe that we can only make a difference if we build and cultivate honest and long-term relationships.

In our team, we create a framework within which the abilities of each individual can develop in the best way possible. This is enabled by transparency and flexibility in a decentralized structure - where collaboration on an equal footing forms the cornerstone. We all commit to one idea with heart and soul, creating something with an impact that transcends the bounds of the Wildling company.

And that's exactly the approach we take with our customers and the people we work with, whether suppliers and manufacturers, cooperation partners and service providers, or our community.


We always remain open to change and further development.

With a strong pioneer spirit and a desire to discover new things, we develop new ideas and solutions for the challenges we encounter as employers, manufacturers, and consumers of resources.

We share our experiences with others in order to inspire them to take action themselves, and so we can learn from each other.


Corporate responsibility means assuming responsibility for people, planet, and profit. For us, taking on this accountability means leveraging business success to create a platform that we can use to make a difference in the issues that are close to our hearts.

Specifically, it means taking responsibility for people and planet.

To do this actively and with commitment means utilizing Wildling as a platform and multiplier to carry out environmental projects, to create a quality of work above and beyond the legal requirements, to invest time through corporate volunteering in things that don't directly contribute to the company's bottom line, to strive for ambitious goals like launching a cradle-to-cradle product, and to implement them step by step.


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