Find your Wildling Shoe size

eine person sitzt und liest am laptop

Step 1: Print out the template

Select your usual shoe size from the list below and print out the template. Please check your printer settings. The zoom or scaling should be set to 100%. Make sure that you have selected “Print without margins.”

Step 2: Check the measurement marking

After you have printed the template, check the measurement marking to see if the printout is true to size. If it doesn’t measure exactly 5 cm or 2 inch, check the scaling or zoom settings in the printer settings. Those settings need to be set to 100%.

eine person misst ihre füße auf dem fitkit aus

Step 3: Measure the foot

Fold the paper along the designated line, place it on the floor directly against a wall, and position the foot on the markings. Since it’s perfectly normal to have feet that are two different sizes, you should always measure both of them.

nahaufnahme von einem paar wildling schuhe mit füßen im hintergrund

Step 4: Not the right size?

If the selected template doesn’t fit, try the next sizes and start at step 1.

nahaufnahme von zwei personen die auf einer mauer sitzen und ihre füße baumeln lassen

Step 5: Choose your Wildling shoe!

Yippee! You’ve found the right size. Now you can browse the Wildling Shoes shop for your favorite model.

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