100% craftswomanship

In collaboration with craftswomen from Kyrgyzstan, FOLKDAYS and Wildling Shoes have realized an idea that advocates for more respect and equity in the supply chain. The new minimal shoe Aigul and the accessories Ay and Gul mark the launch of a limited collection that makes women’s expertise and craftsmanship visible and, by generating more value locally, also creates more income locally.

About FOLKDAYS x Wildling Shoes
  • Ay

    This bag is a testament to Kyrgyzstani craftsmanship.

  • Gul

    This belt was created in cooperation with FOLKDAYS.


A fabric woven from many stories

To produce the limited collection centered on the model Aigul, Kyrgyzstani craftswomen have hand-spun, hand-dyed, and hand-woven locally sourced organic cotton. Their technique refrains from using chemicals and renders every product unique. Every moment experienced with the fabric is expressed on its surface – making it one of a kind.

All film portraits

Credits for visual material from Kyrgyzstan:

Photo: Subankulov Sanzhar

Video: Director of Photography (operator) – Beksultan Murzakhmatuulu | Assistant Operator – Askarov Aidar | Assistant operator 2 – Mamataliev Sapar | Sound Operator – Ernazarov Daniar | Edit – Rustam Mukashev | Colorgrading – Murzakarimov Muslim Lumetri.inc PRODUCTION