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Dear Wildling,

things are pretty weird right now, aren't they? To relieve your worries about Wildling at least a little, Anna has answered the most important questions concerning the current situation.

And please remember: We are here for you - on the other end of the live chat, in the community, in customer service.
No one is alone and together we will make it!

Run wild and stay healthy!
Anna, Ran and the Wildlings

FAQ on the current situation (Corona)

At the moment, can I order as usual?

Yes, you can, and we are glad if you do. All orders are shipped as usual. However, there may be daily changes to the delivery, please see Service Bulletin from DHL. In order to make it easier for you under the circumstances, you now have 60 days to return your order. 

Will orders be shipped internationally?

Yes, we continue to ship internationally. DHL and DHL Express deliver packages as usual, adhering to all safety standards. However, there may be daily changes to the delivery, please see Service Bulletin from DHL

Should I expect longer delivery times?

Our delivery times are as stated in the shop. However, there may be daily changes to the delivery, please see Service Bulletin from DHL. Our warehouse team works in two shifts to ensure our logistics will keep running, even in the case of quarantine.  

Do I have to worry that there will be no more Wildlings this year? How about sandals or winter models?

The months ahead won’t be easy for any of us, including Wildling. However, most of the summer shoes have already been produced and are on their way to the warehouse - and so are some sandals. Production for the next winter collection will be starting this summer - we hope things will be back to normal by then. 

How does Portugal handle the situation? Can they keep producing?

Portugal has also been affected by the crisis, and our first factory had to close due to quarantine. Our thoughts are with the Wildling team in Felgueiras, and the protection of the weak is our first priority. We communicate on a daily basis and will resume production as soon as possible. 

How does the warehouse handle the situation? What if theyhave to close down?

Our warehouse is running in two shifts according to health safety standards, so that we can continue to ship your orders even in the case of quarantine. Other team members in the area are also ready to help out. If the worst comes to the worst, we will be shipping parcels from home (Oh, the old times!). 

Can I still purchase Wildlings in April/May?

Even later there will still be enough Wildlings.

What if I am in quarantine and won’t be able to return my order?

You now have 60 days to return your order. If things get tight don’t worry, just drop us an email! 

How does a small company stay calm? Do you have any plans in case production stops?

We’re not exactly calm, but that probably is what concerns every one of us at the moment. There is just too little certainty. How will things go on?We are making plans for every scenario imaginable, are talking with our team, banks and other companies and try to prepare for anything. 

Do you have plans for the team members who used to work in the showrooms? Home Office?

We are one team and try to spread the load on as many shoulders as possible. Since we have been working remote from the start, Home Office is not a big change for us. Our offline team will help their colleagues with other tasks until we will be able to re-open the showrooms.


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