Additional deliveries of the new winter collection during the season. Information and help on how to care for Wildling Shoes during winter can be found here.

FAQs for the collection launch #WinterWildling20

Which new models will be featured in this collection launch?

The new models include: Honeybear, Nessie, Rubus, Sábio, Winter Heather, and Wombat in Wildling and Rewild sizes. Berry, Honeybee, and Starling in Cubs. And in addition, Crow in Rewild sizes.

Which models will be returning? 

Flying Fox is available as a returning model in Rewild sizes and Little Wolf in Cubs sizes. Buzzard and Tarpan are also making themselves at home in the online store as their launchpad for future wild adventures. 

When will the new collection be available?

Part of the new collection will be available to order on Saturday, September 5 at 10 am CEST, and the second part will be available starting September 26, 2020.

Which models can be ordered starting September 5 and which ones won’t be available until September 26, 2020? 

Starting September 5, 2020:
Honeybee, Honeybear, Berry, Rubus, Sábio, Nessie.
Tarpan, Buzzard, Flying Fox, and Little Wolf are also returning to the fox’s den

Starting September 26, 2020:
Starling, Crow, Winter Heath, Wombat.

How come some models can’t be ordered until later on in September?

Sustainability is an issue that is very close to our heart, which is why Wildlings are manufactured by our partners in Portugal, with whom we work very closely. Because complying with fair working conditions is important to us, it also means that our manufacturers can’t manage enormous production runs. On top of that, our storage capacities are also limited, since huge warehouses also require the corresponding resources. This means that sending and receiving shoes in partial deliveries is an entirely sustainable method. You can find out more about slow fashion in our blog.

Are models from previous collections also available?

Yes, some models from previous Autumn/Winter collections will be available again starting Saturday, but only in the sizes and quantities that are still available. Please note that these models are no longer being manufactured.

Which models are of non-animal origin?

Rubus and Berry are models made without materials of animal origin and each of them has a warming and temperature-regulating lining made of hemp-flax fleece.
The Sábio and Flying Fox are unlined all-season models made without materials of animal origin.

How do I determine my Wildling size?

You can use the size finder to find your correct size. When choosing a size, please also take note of the sizing information provided in the product descriptions.

Do I always have to order winter models in a larger size? 

No, not always, since it usually depends on whether you are between two sizes and/or want to wear thick socks or an additional insole. You can use the size finder to find your correct size. It’s best to take the measurements wearing the thickest socks that you want to wear with your shoes. When choosing a size, please also take note of the sizing information provided in the product descriptions. Our customer service team is also happy to advise you personally any time. 

What’s the best way for me to order?

The best way to place your order is to start out by first logging into your customer account and having the details for your chosen payment method handy.
Then you can pick out the Wildling shoes you want at your leisure and proceed to the checkout.
Please note that for technical reasons, the shopping cart does not reserve the goods.

Which payment methods are available?

Payment can be made by PayPal, Amazon Pay, immediate bank transfer, and credit card.

I want to add something to my order/cancel something – is that possible?

If you have completed your order using PayPal, Amazon Pay, or a credit card, your customer account offers you the possibility to cancel individual items from an order as long as they haven’t been shipped yet. Unfortunately, it is not possible to add items to an order that has already been placed.
If you don’t have a customer account yet, you can also make the cancellation in our returns portal. All you need to register is your order number and your email address.

The order amount for the cancelled items will be refunded to you immediately.
If you paid for your order using immediate bank transfer or a combination of payment methods, please contact our customer service team to cancel your order.

Can I combine several orders?

For technical reasons, we regret that it is not possible to retroactively combine several orders that have already been placed.

If your order hasn’t been shipped yet, you can cancel the order in your customer account and place a new order. Before doing so, please make sure that the items you want are still available. 

Where can I find more help?

You can find further assistance in the FAQs. If you have any questions, our customer service team is also always on hand to help. In the online live chat you can quickly find immediate help and personal support.

The live chat is staffed at the following times:
Friday, September 4, 2020: 8 pm – 10 pm and Saturday, September 5, 2020: 9 am – 1 pm CEST
Friday, September 25, 2020: 8 pm – 10 pm and Saturday, September 26, 2020: 9 am – 1 pm CEST

In the Winter Wildness section you will find everything you need to know about Wildlings in the winter – there is always something new to discover.


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