How-To: Attach end clips

These video tutorials show you how to attach and close the various end clips that come with the elastic laces, available separately, and in models in Cubs and Wildling sizes.

At the end of each tutorial you will also learn how to reopen the clips if you want to trim or remove the elastic laces.

Please note that the inserted elastic laces in models of the autumn/winter collection 2019 are coated with Tencel®, those of the new spring/summer collection 2020 with cotton from controlled organic cultivation and cannot be singed.

You will find this information in the respective product description.


Conical end clips:

- Please test before shortening the elastic lenses if you still can put on the shoe comfortably. Then shorten the elastic laces to the required length and carefully apply a drop of suitable liquid adhesive to prevent from further fraying

- Insert the elastic laces into the cone, knot tightly, shorten and singe

- Attach end cap

To open, carefully pry up the end cap with a suitable object (f.e. a small screwdriver or small kitchen knife). 



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