Colorful elastic laces "Winter Cotton"

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These new elastic laces, designed to go with the Wildling Winter, are encased in certified organically grown cotton and help you slip into your shoes in no time.

The laces feature exceptional grip and support, help you don your Wildlings as fast as a fox, and also let you customize your shoes to suit your personal style.

The laces each come with a set of two stoppers and two end clips that you can use to secure the ends of the laces. You can choose between black and white. Will be delivered in a pair

Available in the following colors:
Dark Green, Rust Orange, Sand, Berry

rubber and cotton from certified organic cultivation


approx. 150cm

Please note:
The length can be adjusted as required. Click here to watch a video tutorial about shortening the elastic laces, and attaching and removing the accompanying end clips. 


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