Where the Wildlings work...

Last week we wrote about how to get into a state of flow at work, and about how you need the right basic conditions for it. Today, we show our workspace. Work is where there's internet: 

Anna: "Sometimes I wonder whether the WiFi here is a blessing or a curse: A curse, because without it I’d be able to just gaze at the beautiful Corsican landscape. And a blessing, because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to come to Corsica for the photo shoot for (Shhhh! We can't tell you yet!) - or the other work wouldn't have got done."

Mara: "I’ve got lots of favourite places in my apartment. In the kitchen for example. But in the morning it’s too dark, so I sit on the sofa and enjoy the green that you can see from there".

 Christina: “What I like about my workspace is that it’s not defined by a particular place, but my intellectual performance!”

Melanie: "I love getting up from time to time, opening the skylight and looking over the roofs of Cologne to the cathedral. If you've been looking at the screen for a while, it's good for both the eyes and the soul.”

Julia: “I like the company!”

Sabine: “In the workshop the sun shines over our little “sewing machine” in the mornings - my favourite time and my favourite place to work.”

Rachel: “What I like about my workspace is the short distance (to the living room), the flexible working hours and cake!”

Tina: “I like to work where my favourite people are - and if that’s outside and they can run around wildly, even better!”

Sarah M.: “In my workspace I have the best distraction in the world.”

Indra: “I’ve just moved and have made my workspace look really great!”

Nicole: “In my home office space I especially like the colourful surroundings and the green plants around me - and of course the delicious coffee that’s waiting for me just a few metres away in the kitchen.”

What do you like about your workspace? We’d love you to share your photos with us on Facebook or Instagram!


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