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Wildling on site - touch, try on and try out

A place for all Wildlings - for sharing with each other, for informative conversations, for extensive advice and exciting events. Despite all the advantages of online shopping and working from home, we were missing a shared location like that. Wildling has gone right ahead and created several of them, and here we’ll introduce you to the ones where everyone has space to try on and try out Wildlings and to experience the Wildling feeling.

The showroom in Cologne - a place for shopping, sharing, conversation and events

The fox points the way, and the Wildling logo clears away any remaining doubts: Here’s Wildling, in the middle of Cologne. Between the “Quartier Latäng” (also known as the Students’ Quarter) and the Belgian Quarter with its well-preserved art nouveau houses, fair fashion shops and great restaurants, the newly opened Wildling showroom has everything you need during a trip to the cathedral city.

Jens at work

If you want to touch, try on and try out Wildlings, then this is the place for you. If you look through the shop window with our Global Strike Day image, you’ll see the Wildlings in all their finery. On a little barefoot path you can test out the barefoot feeling on various types of surface, while Jens or his colleagues Katja and Olga help you find the perfect size or explain the different materials and models in more detail.

Jens organised everything for the showroom in advance, also setting up the badger's sett in the warehouse shop in Engelskirchen and making sure that sales can continue after the move to the new warehouse. “I love being at Wildling because the atmosphere here is unique. However stressful it sometimes gets, at the end of the day it’s the team spirit that counts, and all of us working together. Making sure every day that everyone who comes in here finds their perfect pair of Wildlings - that makes me happy.”

The showroom provides the perfect backdrop for the current collection. Putting it together was real teamwork. Lovingly crafted details, atmospheric lighting and changing wall displays make the showroom a real gem.

And in the background you might just hear a couple of pack members in the co-working area, chatting, tapping on keyboards and planning the next adventure over a cup of coffee.

Because despite all the benefits of working from home, from time to time it's nice - and sometimes even essential - to look over each other's shoulders or discuss the next quarter's strategy in the coffee corner. Internal Wildling workshops are also held here, because of the central location. 

Sometimes the showroom is used for team meetings and events, too, like on Global Strike Day.

Global Strike Day 2019

So that people don't find themselves in the shop with their piggy bank and then have to leave empty-handed, here's a summary of what's possible in the showroom and what isn’t:

In the showroom you can try on all available Wildlings, and test how they feel on a small barefoot path. Payment methods are the same as in the online shop, and if you want to purchase you'll need an internet-enabled mobile. Unfortunately cash payments are not possible, and you can order Wildlings with free delivery but can't take them with you right then. For current opening times and additional information, see here.

If, after visiting the showroom, you’d like to take the opportunity to explore beautiful Cologne and perhaps shop for one or two items of clothing to go with your new Wildlings, we can warmly recommend thisFair Fashion Shopping Guide.

Come to beautiful Engelskirchen, not only to fall in love with Wildlings, but also to take some home with you.

In the warehouse – lovingly named the badger’s sett – Sascha, in addition to his role as warehouse head (aka warehouse badger), was always on hand to advise and sell.

Badger Sascha at Work

He was helped by many foxes, but here, too, there are now two pack members, Ralf and Sophie, who are there especially to advise and to bring the right Wildlings together. Because here you can also take our shoes home with you right away, as long they are available in the warehouse. You can bring your returns or complaints, too, but for technical reasons cash payments are not possible here either.

The new warehouse in Engelskirchen-Osberghausen

The wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly, and due to various regulations we are still working – behind the scenes – on a sales room where Wildlings can not only be tried on, but can also be showcased in a very special way. We too have our dreams for the future...

You can combine a trip to Engelskirchen with a visit to the Aggertal cave or one of the many sights in the Bergisches Land region, where your Wildlings will really show what they can do.

Wildling live at fairs and events

If you can’t make it to Cologne or Bergisches Land, have a look in our events calendar for an event near you - Wildlings love to travel, and our pack members are always happy to have a chat. Whenever we go to fairs or pop-up events, different Wildling team members come with us. They look forward to the direct contact and go home with feedback for their work areas. After all, face-to-face communication is always helpful and helps us keep learning.

When and where will we see each other?

Run wild! Anna, Ran and Team Wildling


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